The Great Reset book

You may have heard the phrase “The Great Reset”. But do you really know what it stands for?

Recently, I read Covid-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret. This is a document telling what the powers that rule us have planned for us.

I read it only once, and I plan to read it again because of its importance.

Those who rule the world always reveal what they are going to do next in their official documents. Since what they plan does come true, it’s important to know what they have in store for us now.

In this post, I’m going to summarize the most important points of The Great Reset document that I managed to take note of in my first reading of the book.

This information is especially important for business owners, though every person will benefit from knowing in advance what will happen.

The Great Reset: Social distancing will remain

The document notes that the virus will not disappear until 2022. Social and physical distancing measures will remain even after the pandemic. I read the same thing in a Lithuanian article, I believe written by a doctor (but I don’t remember now).

The virus will always mutate so even after vaccination, people will need to wear masks and to social-distance.

That’s because these measures were never there to fight the virus but to introduce a social change. Virus news was just a required shock to start this change of behavior.

Automation in workplaces

Automation in workplaces will accelerate. Wherever possible, robots and AI will replace human workers.

Businesses will use the software in favor of human work. Robots will replace simple human jobs, such as in fast-food service, warehouses and factories, as well as for item delivery.

Knowing all this, I encourage people doing simple jobs (such as working in factories or fast-food outlets) to learn some skill that robots cannot replace. Also, any kind of job that has a lot of contact with humans will be replaced by robots.

Services requiring human contact (in restaurants, retail, and entertainment) will be automatized. So if you have a job as such, it’s best to start reorienting yourself. In my country, some retail outlets no longer allow you to shop inside but ask you to order online. This kind of service would be very easy to automatize.

Workplaces will be structured in a way that reduces human contact. Employers will track workers through apps and Bluetooth to check if they social-distance and have no temperature. The document notes that these tracking methods won’t be removed after vaccination because employees will realize that they are useful to measure employee productivity.

The Great Reset: humans discouraged from being in nature

Humans will be blamed for destroying nature and therefore city life will become even more popular. Because there will be news about animals spreading diseases, people will be discouraged from farming. Robots are likely to take it over.

This reminds me of the dream I had where I could only visit nature in a group (or that traveling alone would be difficult). Nature was untouched by human hand, and I saw hundreds of dolphins. After the dream, I found news that there was an increase in the dolphin population.

So humans will be all squeezed into cities, so that nature remains without them.

People will eat less meat, so veganism will continue booming. I think that lab meat may become very popular.

What the city life will look life

The document mentions that populated cities will have higher virus cases. People will drive less, and instead they will start preferring cycling or walking. That makes sense, if people live in cities, as everything will be closeby.

Green energy will be in demand, and industrial processes will be stopped. Less carbon-intensive life will be the preference for any aspect of living.

The document indirectly revealed one of the reasons for mask-wearing – the rulers of this world believe that human breathing damages the environment! That may be the reason why mask-wearing is likely to remain even after the vaccination. Yet another reason to move to nature as soon as possible.

Working from home will remain popular. Business, as well as family meetings, will mainly take place online, such as through Zoom or Whatsapp groups. E-learning will be normal, exercising at home would become the daily norm. I believe that home entertainment (such as Netflix) will be the norm as well.

If it’s cheaper, safer and greener, those things will be encouraged.

Fewer people are likely to own a home or have children.

The Great Reset: travel, economy, and globalization

Global economy will only start recovering after vaccination.

The movement of people and goods long-distance will be more difficult. People will prefer domestic holidays. There will be more alliances between neighboring countries for the ease of movement.

National authorities will constrain international capital flows. I’m afraid that the internet may eventually become local too. Maybe the rulers of the world started discouraging globalization as they noticed that this makes humans too smart.

The US currency can lose its dominance in a few years and the Chinese currency or the Euro may replace it. Some digital currencies will get big.

Massive wealth redistribution will take place, from rich to poor, and from capital to labor. Taxes will rise, especially for the rich, to create a strong welfare system. This means that more people will be dependent on the government. Health taxes for the next year in Lithuania are already greater than of 2020.

There will be public unrest as some people will get so poor that they will become violent. Store lootings, especially in the US, are predicted. There will be more attacks on the rich by the poor.

The return of the big government

The document mentioned quite a few times the return of the big government. Governments will be more involved in how the businesses run. Global issues will be taken care of by the global government.

Though countries will become much more self-sufficient and therefore globalization will decrease in this regard, big decisions will be made by the global government.

So the global government will be in charge, and will probably control the population through strong local governments. So it will look like countries are independent, but that, of course, won’t be the case.

The document also has this sentence on page 95:

Contact tracing used for Covid is positioned to become an enabler of mass surveillance.

The well-being of the society will take precedence over the well-being of an individual.

The Great Reset: which businesses will boom

Businesses involved in the production or by-products of the greener forms of energy will prosper. This means, for example, that the production of solar panels may be in demand, or electrically-powered vehicles.

The health sector will prosper, and so will real estate and investments in financial markets.

Education will be in demand, and we can see the trend of online education being in demand right now. Therefore, if you have some skill, you may want to create an online course about it. If you don’t have your own platform, you can use others, such as Skillshare which is popular now.

Long-lasting items are returning, which I’m very happy about. People will start preferring items that last, rather than maintaining the consumerism culture of throwing away things and then buying new ones. Second-hand shops will boom, and also platforms selling such items (online, for example).

I’m very happy about this trend, and even now, in Lithuania, second-hand shops are booming. I love this kind of nature-friendly living; buying an item that’s quality, and then selling it or giving it to a charity shop for other people to use once you no longer want it.

Then other people can use it still, which is much better than mass-produced cheap items that soon break and need to be produced again.

Remember those old-style machines that would never break, such as meat-grinding, sewing machines, or even old-style cars? It’s likely that we will see such long-lasting items again, and I hope computers will be included in the list.

Recycled items will become more popular as well.

Contactless economy will continue being developed, and the document mentions “telemedicine” too, though I’m not sure if it expanded on it (I need to re-read the document).


If you read the document and you’ve found that I missed some important things, please add them below.

The Great Reset book is available here, but I don’t encourage you to buy it as it’s written by those who rule the world. If you have a Scribd subscription, you can find this book there too. And I’m sure you can get it online for free also.