Simona Rich

In Fort Kochi, India

My dear reader,

I’ve just come back from a short trip to Kochi with my dear one, so I haven’t posted anything for some days.

I haven’t taken such a long break from my laptop or work for a long time now, but that’s because writing and making videos never seems like work for me.

However, it was refreshing to spend a few days only with my loved one doing sightseeing, visiting various cafes and engaging in long talks on a hotel balcony at night.

Our relationship has gotten even better after the trip, as we understood each other much more, having stayed with each other continuously and not being away from each other due to work.

I’m very relieved about that, because I know that travel together either makes or breaks the relationship as you understand so much about a person when together going through various experiences.

Since it’s a personal update post, I should also let you know that at the end of the summer I will be in London for a month or two. I may also visit my hut in Lithuania, but I’m not sure about that. After that, I will go back to India.

I have already booked my UK ticket. In England I will have to take a new passport as I’m running out of passport pages.

Whilst there I plan to go on some meditation retreat, because this will allow me to put into practice what I was reading about Daoism (Taoism). I feel that I’m ready to again go deep into meditative experiences, as I’m no longer fearful after the full kundalini awakening.

Although I experienced much spiritual progress after the full kundalini awakening, I was consciously stopping certain developments such as astral travels, as I felt that the spiritual balance isn’t yet there due to the shocking awakening. But now I have gotten back into balance, and I feel harmony between the body, mind and spirit, as I no longer focus exceptionally on any of them but try to nourish all these three aspects.

So now I feel that I can take away all the breaks that I consciously used during my meditations, and see what’s my next spiritual lesson. What really encouraged me to remove all the breaks was the removal of my doubts and blind spots in spiritual development as a result of my current study of Daoism. After reading Daoist texts I understand much more about my own kundalini freeing process, and how to proceed after the awakening.

In Daoism it is taught that once the Spirit is freed from the body, it will take a flight to other realms, first time having left the prison of the mortal shell. Then it will return after some days (which happened to me and I interpreted it as a descent of the Holy Spirit, being Christian then) and you will have to train it to leave and stay at will. This control of Spirit will allow consciousness to be retained after death, resulting in conscious immortality. But about this – in the article to come.

I have done much research into the Daoist doctrine, and I’m fascinated by the information that I was able to dig up. I hope in my next article to write a summary of some important teachings of this tradition, and you can read about Daoist teachings on sexual energy and immortality here too.

At the moment I have a lot of work to do on the life assessment work, since, as I told, I haven’t touched my laptop for some days. So now I will go back to the natal chart work, and I hope to start writing the article on the important doctrines of Daoism shortly.

On a ferry to Fort Kochi

On a ferry to Fort Kochi