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Although some people found the video embedded below fearful, I’ve found it informative and empowering. The MK-Ultra survivor talks about the draconian race and how they enslave worlds.

(This video was deleted probably by YouTube, so I had to remove the embed.)

He tells that it’s not possible to travel to other worlds in our space-time, but that it’s possible to travel to other worlds by jumping dimensions.

I too believe that it’s not possible to visit other worlds by taking physical action, but that it’s to do with changing vibration. My belief is also based on personal experience of finding myself in different dimensions (different worlds) through meditation.

This reminds me of another video that I watched which is again a very weird one. It’s a story of an extraterrestrial sending several emails to one person explaining how their spaceships work. This being told that they can jump dimensions but they never know where they will end up.

I experienced the very same thing through meditation. I never know which dimension I will find myself in. Usually those are very beautiful ones but I’ve also experienced being in worlds that look abandoned, like that after some kind of explosion nobody lives there anymore.

I guess it’s through visualization that you may control your inter-dimensional travels. However, I like to keep the mind totally silent but maybe I should try using it in this way in my future meditations.

He says that the Sun is our essence and it also serves as a portal to different worlds. I believe that all planets serve as portals, because if you watch them through a telescope, it’s not solid bodies that you see (like NASA wants you to believe) but vibrating plasma looking like portals to other dimensions. Mandeans believe that the North Star is the portal out of this existence.

Here are some videos of people zooming into the North Star, Mercury and Venus:

Only the Moon looks like a solid body which would give more validity to this person’s claims (of the Moon being a recycling center of souls – read on to find out more). Seeing these videos of plasma-like planets makes me think that maybe that’s what I see during meditation; it’s very usual for me to travel through some kind of electric plasma-like substances before experiencing other dimensions.

This MK-Ultra victim says that the draconian race has enslaved many other worlds and now it’s colonizing this one. It’s almost totally colonized now, and the only way to escape is strengthening yourself spiritually so that you become untouchable by them.

You can strengthen yourself spiritually through meditation and mindfulness practices because by silencing your mind you can get in touch with the essence that’s truly you, and if you listen to its guidance, you make the spiritual influence strong in your life.

He also says that draconians don’t simply let go of you after death. I should add to this that they can shapeshift, so after death they can appear as relatives or some religious figures to lure you into their trap and recycle you.

He says that after death you will be attracted by the magnetic white light, be sucked into the tunnel leading you into the Moon where your memories will be wiped out and you will be recycled back into the earth in a new body.

This MK-Ultra survivor thinks that the only way to escape them after death is to envelop yourself in the atmosphere of love so that you create a shield against them (their heart chakra is closed so they don’t resonate with that frequency) and then visualize which dimension you want to go to and this will make you travel there.

Through satanic ritual abuse the elite close the heart chakra of their victims. They know that the heart chakra is the key to escaping them, so they do all they can to close it.

Therefore it’s vitally important to activate it. You can activate it through meditating on love, praying for your heart to open, and doing good deeds. Try to understand the pain of humanity so that your heart chakra opens.

If you don’t shield yourself from the pain people experience as a result of poverty or abuse, your heart will open. Then you will easily cry and feel compassion for those who are in true need of help. If your mind is active but the heart is closed, on the other hand, you will fall for charity tricks and people who don’t actually need help but pretend to. When your heart is open, you will feel genuine pain of those in need.

So it’s vitally important to work on opening your heart chakra so that you are not hardened to the pain of humanity. This love influence then needs to be increased through taking actions based on love and to strengthen yourself in the faith of your Higher Self so that all fear disappears.

Then you will be able to fearlessly refuse reptilian-created aids like the Universal Basic Income that they may implement, so that you break out of their influence and become untouchable by these reptiles.

Then even at this stage of an almost total enslavement of mankind you will remain free. And enslavement it is, because this MK-Ultra survivor tells that now there are even nano fibers in the air (probably only in developed countries) which serve in a similar way to brain chips.

If you’re not self-aware they will be able to lead you to their created alternative reality (an actual virtual reality that you can be plugged in through those nano fibers without you having to use internet at all) through suggestions sent to your brain. Through those nano fibers they will send you images and thoughts and if you have not much self-awareness you will follow those images or thoughts, leading you to being trapped in their virtual reality.

There’s intense war going on now. They want to enslave humans completely, even their souls. So we have to fight for our freedom harder than we ever did. We fight them through spiritually strengthening ourselves and releasing all selfish and fearful thoughts.

Our task is to lead lives totally pure and moral, and to operate from love, selflessness and without any fear. This will make us immune to the self-appointed masters of the human race.

Their experience of enslaving worlds spans probably millions of years so it’s not likely that we can outsmart them. But we can make ourselves immune by staying in the vibration of love that’s repulsive to them and by refusing to be enslaved.

Enslavement is a choice. They must give us alternatives as they must operate according to universal laws. It’s really our fault if we submit to these reptiles because we fear the option of freedom from them that doesn’t give us security.

So let’s strengthen ourselves spiritually, let’s relinquish any thoughts of fear, and let’s stay in the vibration of love. Then even after death, these reptiles won’t be able to touch us.