I remember coming across the teachings of one spiritual Himalayan family. I forgot their names now but if anyone knows the people that I’m talking about, please let me know.

The way they became a family was very interesting. A Western lady was traveling alone in Rishikesh (North India) and in the woods she discovered a meditating yogi.

She recognized him as her past life mate if I remember right, and refused to leave his side.

Her visa expired and police started bugging her to leave. She kept refusing every time they bugged her, until she was left alone.

They became a family, having two children. All her pictures showed her blissed out. Even now people visit this place in Rishikesh as their presence is still felt there, though their physical bodies are no more.

This story shows that if you refuse to be controlled by the system, it will eventually leave you alone. The lady was living the life in a way she wanted and refused to submit to any rules impinging on her bliss. She was on such a high vibration that she just refused to give her attention to that which was not in alignment with her goals.

I find this story very inspiring. This also reminds me of some westerners in India who have no money but never go hungry. They do odd jobs, sleep in odd places and somehow they have just enough for visas and flight tickets.

Jesus said not to take a thought for the morrow as if even animals get their daily sustenance, how much more we will as we are greatly loved by our True Creator. Though you can find anything in the Bible (as it’s a control tool), even the connection between Jesus and Lucifer, some stories of Christ are very close to my heart and my soul gets joyous when reading about how he never feared about his safety or survival, and so circumstances would just align to keep him safe, fed and clothed.

When I listen to the people who in some way got in touch with our oppressors, all universally say that to be free we must stop fearing. It’s the fear that keeps us in the prison of their making. Fear is their vibration.

In the last book of Carlos Castaneda he wrote that the oppressors had given us their minds. We get fearful because of our minds. We react to fear-based thoughts as though they are reality, and we build our lives on the foundation of illusion as a result.

Ramana Maharishi left his home as a child with only enough money to take a train journey to Arunachala mountain he heard about.

Once he got there, he started meditating.

People saw a meditating youth and started giving him food and drink. He meditated all the time and finally achieved enlightenment, attracting thousands of devotees to him. His meditation place became an ashram still existing today. I visited it a few years ago.

Ramana Maharshi’s ashram. Anyone can enter it to sit in meditation. The ashram also offers free accommodation.
Ramana Maharshi

If he had feared, none of this amazing story would have happened. God is free to help us when we take our actions in courage.

Never even once did I have to suffer lack for doing what I love. I’ve been blogging for 14 years and I simply trust that I will be provided for – despite of the heavy censorship of my content by G and YT. There’s something bigger than these internet bullies that provides for me.

Even when I lost most of my subscribers (which happened twice) still I was able to live the way that I wanted – as a traveler in India. I simply refuse changing circumstances to dictate my experience – I do what my heart wants to no matter what circumstances present themselves before me.


All these examples show that if you stop fearing and trust your True Creator, you will be supplied even in the most difficult circumstances. At this time this is especially important, because it seems that the vibration of our earth is getting faster so if people allow fear to rule them, it’s going to be difficult to change their timeline to that of hope and joy.

That’s why meditation is so important now. It helps to keep the mind calm and not to get engaged in fearful thoughts. It’s important at this time not to expose yourself to elite-owned channels of information but keep yourself on the diet of spirituality, goodness and optimism.