Life update
A scenic photo I took today that somehow appeared with special effects without any intention.

Vilnius looks like a ghost town now. Most people stay at home. It’s not only because of social-distancing rules, but also because it’s cold and wet now.

Yet I continue my daily walks. It’s important to exercise the body.

However, since there’s no life in Vilnius, I’m going to move to my land sooner than I thought – a few months after. Then it’s going to get warmer, so I will have the chance to work on establishing myself there.

What needs to be done

I will need to pay workers to dig a well, and I will start working on a house extension. I’m hoping my neighbor will be able to assist me. That would be my preferred option to buying a house on wheels.

Also, since I already have electricity in the hut, it would be much easier to do electrical wiring in the extension. Then I would also be able to have a boiler in the extension, connected to the well.

If these two projects are sorted (the well and house extension), that would be a relief, and my life could proceed more smoothly on the land.

We, city dwellers, never think about the comforts of running water. When you move to a more off-grid area, this becomes the major issue to resolve. You cannot easily wash dishes, wash clothes, and have a shower without running water. So this is the most important issue to take care of.

Getting a dog (or two)

I’m also planning to get two dogs to live with me on the land. I decided not to get a dog whilst I’m in the studio because I’d like to keep the area quiet. My neighbors are really peaceful, and I don’t want to disturb them in case a dog starts barking.

I also prefer bigger dogs, and they aren’t suitable for apartment living. So once I’m on my land, I could get a big dog, and maybe one that is smaller too. I will get them from an animal shelter.

I wish I could find a dog as sweet as the one that stayed with me in India. She’s very old now, though she’s as sweet as ever, as my boyfriend reports:

My sweet dog from India
My lovely dog in India.

Driving lessons

I continue learning driving theory. Only after I pass the test, would I be allowed to take the driving lessons. I purchased an online course and I’m learning whenever I have free time. Since I’ve finished writing my Palmistry book, now I will have much more time to dedicate to the studies.

It would be wonderful if within a few months I could pass the test and get a car. But this depends on how much time I have, whether I’m capable of learning so fast, and if finances allow it. I don’t think that’s doable, but it’s good to practice positive thinking:)

That would be the best option, of course, because then I would already have a car for living on my land. If not, this would be more of a struggle, as I would have to move around by bicycle, which is not fun in cold weather.

No more sugar

I’m quitting sugar. I still have some cakes in my freezer, so I need to finish those as I never waste food. But after they are finished, I will no longer buy cakes and other sugary treats.

I will only eat fruits and honey for sugar from then on.

I need to take care of my health. I’m no longer 20. I need to think about the future. Illnesses that come with age, such as high blood sugar, can be avoided. So I’m going to put a stop to this harmful habit now. I really don’t want to suffer as the time passes.

Apart from sugar eating, I have no other harmful habits. I also am looking forward to owning a few goats, if everything goes according to plan. Then I would also have good quality milk, which is one of my favorite drinks, and very healthy. I will also keep chickens for eggs.


I’m now on the ACIM lesson 102. I started this course with much excitement, then I lost it, yet continued, and then I was almost walking on clouds – the course really has something heavenly about it.

Now, again, I’m going through some resistance which feels like some anxious feeling close to me. I’m not sure if it’s related to ACIM or not, but I continue with the course, and hopefully, this will end.

The aim of the course is to get you to perceive who you truly are and where you are. We think ourselves to be bodies, living in this world. The course claims that we are not the bodies, and that this world doesn’t exist.

Through forgiveness, a bridge is created from this illusion to our true home. This means that we have to forgive absolutely everyone – even those powers now at work to maintain this plandemic situation.

The course teaches that everyone in this world is a part of us. If we fail to forgive even one person, we keep ourselves imprisoned in this illusion. So even the most evil beings in this world must be released from our judgment. This, the course claims, is the key to freedom.

How hard the powers that rule the world work to keep us separated. And their work is successful. Country borders, politics, and now mask-wearing created huge divides. This keeps people in the illusion.

It’s so difficult for many to see through this. Let’s not fall for their evil plans to keep us divided.


I’m thinking of creating a separate website for astrology only. Some of the people following me and reading my work are not into astrology, so I’m wondering whether I should just keep my astrological content separately.

Let me know what you think about it, especially if you’re not into astrology. Does it bother you seeing the astrology content, or you don’t mind?