In this article I would like to share with you what has been happening in my life these past few months.

What living a totally secluded life taught me

As you might know, I’ve been living in a Lithuanian village for around six months now. I at first loved the solitude and thoroughly enjoyed each day spent totally alone. This joy lasted for around four months. But these last two months were really strange, so I’m going to share with you what happened. 

The stay in this village taught me a lot. I in the past believed that I would be able to live in complete solitude till the end of my life, would the circumstances require it. But now I no longer think so, because of my experiences in this village.

Although pretty much my entire life I lived a hermit lifestyle, life here in this village is really cut off from people. Since it’s no longer summer, almost everyone left this village as most people own homes here just to stay during summer holidays. So this meant that I was alone in nature most of the time, with the exception of sometimes having to cycle some miles to the bigger village to buy essentials.

So during these few months I was a true recluse, having almost no interaction with people whatsoever.

I went through three phases during these six months. At first it was absolutely joyful to spend time alone. Then I felt that I reached the point of balance where I felt rested from all social contacts and felt peaceful staying on my own. And then came a very strange state which I had never experienced before.

I’m in this state even now. The feeling is that of no longer being at ease with staying alone. As though I filled that need of solitude, and now I need to be social again. I never thought this would happen to me, and I imagined myself living happily alone for the rest of my life were I required to do so. But that was just an assumption, and now I know how complete solitude really feels.

I don’t feel completely cut off because I still interact with the public through my work; but that’s not enough. This solitude experience taught me that humans need each other. Yes, it’s important to rest from social contacts and spend time on your own. But there comes a time when you as though fill the cup of required solitude, and then you need to interact with others again.

I feel that it’s not healthy to always live alone. Humans are indeed social animals. We need each other. My experience of living alone surrounded by nature truly taught this. Being in nature is not enough. One needs human contact. If there’s no human contact for a long time, there appears uneasiness in the mind and you just know that it’s wrong to deprive yourself of interaction with people.

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to my coming trip to Asia. I missed India so much. Some people have addictions to food, alcohol or cigarettes. I’m addicted to India. Even my natal chart shows in three places my love for distant travels and that it’s going to be my lifestyle.

Now I’m understanding more why I felt so drawn to buy land in Lithuania. It’s not for the purpose of me living here forever cut off from people; it’s for the purpose of having a quiet spot to escape to when my cup of interaction with people overflows.

I’m also thinking of offering this place for my supporters to visit and stay with me. It’s because of those people who donate to support me that I’m able to live from my creativity, and as a thank you I hope in the future to offer this kind of service to them. But, of course, it’s now only a thought – if you think it’s a good one, let me know:) I need to put a lot more work to make this place comfortable to stay, so it also depends on finances whether I could make this wish a reality.

To get back to my previous thought, staying here taught me that I will never feel happy by always traveling, and neither will I feel happy by never  traveling. I need to have a home, not for staying there forever, but for it serving as a place to return when I again need stability. So staying in this secluded place for six months  taught me the importance of balance between social contacts and solitude, as well as between constant travel and living in one place.

A change in style

I booked air tickets to Dubai, India and other Asian countries for the winter season, thinking that I would not be missing that part of the world for a while. I was wrong! For the last few months thoughts about India just wouldn’t leave me – I missed the country so much!

To alleviate my grief I even got the subscription to ErosNow and Netflix to watch Bollywood movies. This really helped me. Although it’s a substitute for the real thing, it’s better than nothing! So I watched quite a few of Indian movies, and I also watched interviews of talented Indian celebrities who caught my interest.

The one celebrity that stands way above the rest in my eyes is Shah Rukh Khan. You might have noticed me posting his quotes on social networks and I even wrote an article about him.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

This man is brilliant in so many ways. Nobody can match his intensity on screen. When he gives interviews you cannot take your eyes off him. He is charming and his intelligence is quite unmatched. That, of course, doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Of course he has negative qualities like everyone. But they fade in comparison to the service he provides to the world.

Observing him especially in interviews taught me so much. It’s because of him that I understood the importance of serving the public on their terms. I have this habit of always wanting to be different from the rest, but my natal chart, as well as the wisdom of this brilliant actor, shows that this works against me.

Because I want to assert my unique personality, I end up misunderstood by many people. If people find appearance or behavior too different from their own, they are likely to be closed to your ideas. So it’s very important not to create this barrier if you want to be heard.

So because of astrology and the advice of Shah Rukh Khan, I’m changing my personal style. Since public personalities are expected to appear in a particular way, I’ll adjust to that. I don’t want my style to be a barrier to the spread of my ideas.

This means that from now own I will appear more mainstream, including wearing some make up and slightly changing my dressing style to semi-formal. I fully understand that some people interpret me not wearing make up or dressing in a certain way as not taking my work seriously. So I don’t want such impressions, and making such personal style sacrifices is a small price to pay to the spread of my ideas.

Now my ideas reach those who are already helping themselves and who are spiritually aware. But I really want my ideas to also reach those who need help most. And if my personal image stands as a barrier for my ideas to spread to the audiences that are more mainstream, I’m willing to change it. After all, those who are heard most meet the expectations of the public in terms of how they should look. So that kind of public image certainly works.

Health and love

It’s not only the importance of your image that I learnt from Shah Rukh Khan. He also exercises every day to stay healthy and fit, though he hates it. This keeps him in a perfect shape and this is again something that’s expected of persons in certain occupations, especially to do with being seen by many people.

So this inspired me to exercise an hour each day, and I love it so far. I’ve been doing this for two months and I find this daily exercise a perfect replacement for land work and frequent bicycle rides which I was doing in warm summer months.

Shah Rukh also inspired me to give as much love through my videos and articles as I can. He personally doesn’t hold back in any way and gives his all to the public. That’s why he is loved so much. There’s probably no actor in the world at the moment who receives such incredible public reactions as Shah Rukh. And I attribute that to the fact that he gives his all in his work.

So this inspired me to try to give my all too. I can only try, because I’m nowhere as giving as Shah Rukh. But at least I’m trying.


Whilst I’m still in this village, my studies of astrology continue. I keep re-reading my favorite astrology books to memorize as much data as possible so that I’m more efficient in analyzing natal charts.

Although I’ve just recently started offering the life assessment service, I’ve already received many thank you emails and I included some of them on this page. Thank you all who trusted me to interpret their natal charts.

These few remaining weeks before my travels to Asia will be dedicated to deepening my astrology knowledge, and I also hope to finish revising and updating my 30 Days to Deep Meditation ebook soon, so that I can publish it before my travels abroad.

So this is all the news that I have for you. If you have any questions or comments, do leave them below.