This is a video of a dog in India who was staying with me for a few months. I find that dogs who stay with me either become sleepy or very calm.

This one started her own mindfulness practice (watch the video to see). When I would write on the rooftop of my guest house in South India, she would join me and would walk this way, back and forth, mindful of each step. People of the guest house started joking that this dog became very meditative since staying in my room.

I love her so much. I hope she’s fine there in India. She’s such a quiet, calm and intelligent dog. If I could, I would take her everywhere I travel, but she’s very old so probably staying in one place is best for her.

It was also funny that she was addicted to snacks. So if she would hear me making any kind of crackling sound she would be all ears.

Even a supernatural event happened with her. One morning I was sleeping and I distinctly heard my name called. This woke me up, to find this cute dog staring at me – because she wanted to go outside, to the bathroom.

She also understands my boyfriend when he speaks to her in Malayalam, as this is the language she grew up with. She makes all sorts of sounds in response to his talk. Yet when I talk to her in English, she just looks at me puzzled.

Here are some more photos of her. You can click on each to see a bigger picture.