Transphobia, James Charles, and More

I’ve recently published James Charles’ astrology and palm reading. I got some nasty comments in response, especially on Bitchute. The reason for these comments was his sexual orientation – he is a gay man.

There is nothing that he can do – he is simply attracted to men. I don’t understand how people can hate this. Any of us could have been born with such sexual orientation. It’s so wrong to hate someone just because they are different.

The same applies to transgenders. They were born with the feeling of being of one gender, yet their bodies are of the opposite one. There is again nothing that they can do. They are human beings like all of us, who want to be loved, and who have feelings.

I think that people hate transgenders or homosexuals out of fear. They fear that which they don’t understand. This is just how a human behavior on autopilot is. That’s why it’s so important to always try to put yourself in the shoes of the people you don’t understand.

Of course, it’s a different thing when transgenderism is deliberately pushed onto the society, such as by encouraging children to question their gender. Obviously I can’t support such social engineering attempts. But being born this way is a totally different thing.

I once made a video exposing celebrities pretending to be women. I did that obviously not because of dislike of such people, but because the elite tries to indoctrinate the society to aspire to the type of female beauty that is not female at all. Many girls want to have the model look and start hating their beautiful feminine bodies as a result.

But then I removed the video as I realized that even those celebrities were not to blame as they were simply born into a surreal world of the elites. They had no choice in becoming women, because they were born into the families with such strange traditions.

Another reason I removed the video was that although they did look male, I had no definite proof of that. Though because of the amount of evidence now available, this cannot be false. For example, it is now widely known that Victoria’s Secret models are all male. Though YouTube and Google heavily censor this information.

This incident also taught me not to be so quick to post something that cannot be definitely proven. Again, it’s happening, but because there’s no hard evidence, I put my credibility into question by stating that this is definitely true.

I wanted to raise the awareness that such things are happening right in front of our eyes and most people are ignorant of it. Yet this awareness, unfortunately, only raises hatred in some people. And I don’t want to be the cause of any hatred in this world. So that was yet another reason for removing the video.

It’s true – the richest families of this world play strange games with gender. Often girls are raised as boys, and some people speculate that it’s because in luciferian families everything is backwards. Joan Rivers quickly died after exposing Michelle Obama as a transgender. She said everyone knew about it, that it’s no news.

But then again, since these people are simply born into elite families, how can we blame them for deceiving us. They’re just following tradition. It’s a slippery subject right there, since exposing even the ruling families for their genders puts all the transgender people into a difficult situation – as though they too should not hide these matters.

Ideally, there should be no hiding on their part and there should be acceptance on ours. But because society often hates that which departs from the norm, it is only natural for them to protect themselves and not to disclose such information.

Some people become different because of what they had to go through in childhood. Psychopaths, for example, are often severely abused as children. So they grow up to be monsters. So what’s there to blame? And even the parents that abused them were abused themselves. That’s why I have no feelings of hate towards beings as such.

Another issue I wanted to address is people being in the habit of categorizing. For example, since now I’m talking about the acceptance of transgenders and homosexuals, people will be quick to call me a liberal. But I don’t belong to these socially-engineered categories.

Sadly, those who are conservatives will be more or less identical in their choices and preferences, and so will liberals. It’s so easy for the elite to control the masses because of this reason. They are so predictable.

Therefore, instead of subscribing to a particular set of beliefs that were engineered for you, it’s much more natural and safe to make decisions from the heart, from the present moment.

This is what makes people into true human beings whilst subscribing to any kind of social category makes people almost robotic-like, because they are so easy to predict, and therefore vulnerable to deception and control.

Would people make choices from the heart rather than from the pages of some religious book or from the list of possible choices as a democrat, liberal or conservative, the world would be a much better place. It’s only natural to love other human beings no matter how different they are. In our core, we are all the same – the beings of love who want to be loved.