Here’s what happened. We finally left extremely hot Delhi for Shimla – a Himalayan town where British used to escape from Indian heat during their rule.

It’s a place of incredible beauty – there’s so much to see here. The only downsides are that they don’t get almost any international tourists (so far I haven’t seen any during my stay) so the food is very local and there are no really good cafes.

But it’s definitely worth a visit for the incredible views and handmade items sold at very low prices. For example, I got this cute lacquered wood hair piece for only 50 pennies:

Just a day after arriving there, I decided to check out all the interesting places. And I did – I covered around 30 kilometres! And it wasn’t a normal walk – it’s a mountaneous area, which means there are many steep stairs to climb.

Later that day, we (my husband and I) invited a stray dog to our hotel room as he was very hungry. We even washed him a little bit.

The next morning I woke up in total pain. Every single muscle was painful. I was hardly able to move. What’s worse, I think I got some bug from that stray dog as all day I kept vomiting. This even scared my husband.

I think it was years of me not using any western medicines, but the pain was so unbearable (I had extreme headache too) that my husband had to get antibiotics and painkillers from the pharmacy.So this is the first time that I’m grateful for western medicine.

This morning I still had to take a painkiller as my headache was still intense, and the back pain was there too. It’s evening now, and I’m starting to feel better, thus I was able to write this update.

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