As I told in my previous article, the best cure for unhappiness is doing something to help others and creating value in some form.

But even if you do this, you may still experience periods of sadness. That’s because it’s a universal law that the up will be always followed by a down.

This is the case because the disturbed energy created by an up will always seek to balance itself. And the first part of balancing the up is to cause the down.

You see this law at work everywhere in life, and not only when it comes to emotional states. For example, when we throw a ball into the air, it will not simply keep going up and up. There will come the time when it will start falling down, then it will bounce up again but not as high, followed by bouncing down, and so on and so forth, until it stops at the ground level – its balance point.

The same can be said about life of beings in general. We don’t continuously grow and gain strength. It comes a time when our strength starts diminishing and we begin dying.

So when it comes to our emotions, we too cannot escape from this unchangeable law of balance and harmony, and therefore when our moods are unusually high, we can be sure that an emotional low is going to replace it sooner or later.

But the good news is that it’s possible to largely escape the low mood. Some successful and happy people do this naturally, without being consciously aware of the technique involved. And those who are unhappy will do well in understanding how this technique works so that they’re no longer victims of their low moods.

So here’s the way to greatly decrease the impact of low moods.

When you feel the low mood coming, polarize yourself to the Higher You – the Higher Self. You can do so by realizing that you are not your mood but that the moods are just happening to you.

You would not cry seeing that your clothes are torn or dirty (hopefully); you know that those are just external things that can be replaced. So if you don’t get hysterical over something that happens to your clothes, you should see your moods in the very same way, because that too is external, though it’s closer to you than your clothes.

Your mood is something that happens to your body and you don’t have to be affected by those cerebral chemical and hormonal changes. Whenever you feel your moods going down, polarize yourself to the Higher You and just watch the mood playing out and eventually disappearing.

You probably don’t cry when the wind comes and when it goes; so the same attitude should be adopted towards your low moods as they are not part of your core but something that the mind experiences.

It will take time at first to disidentify from your emotional states, but if you take time to learn this, you will gain immense power. There are very few people in this world who really can rise above their emotions. Many people are destroyed by their emotions, sometimes quickly, sometimes over the course of time.

If you learn to rise above your emotions, eventually you will also learn to control them. Then you will realize that those are very powerful tools that could be used either for good or evil. But tools only they are, and not something that stems from your core.

This body is an organic machine. If you are ruled by it, that’s very unfortunate. If you are in total control of it, you firstly become the ruler of yourself, and then this influence spreads outside of you too.

It would be unbelievable to see a person who allows the horse that he owns to control him; yet we take it for granted that people are slaves to their body machines. Those who stop being slaves become rulers, firstly of themselves, and then of others. The most successful people are those who have their bodies under total control.

So rising above your moods is just the first step, which will naturally lead you to getting in complete control of your body. When you control your body fully, you realize the power of your Higher Self and you become the ruler of your world and the influencer of others.

Then you enter a different field of existence, a higher plane from which to operate, a plane in which you plant ideas and shape concepts and views – you stop being a marionette and become the one who influences and co-creates.

So learning to rise above your moods not only grants you less pain in life, but eventually you gain more and more control over your life and eventually you are able to influence the environment around you, hopefully for the good.

I hope that you will take time to learn this mental exercise, because the rewards will be greater than what you might expect from such a skill.