As I was completing this article, the window suddenly closed and my entire work disappeared. Yet, this often happens when I’m writing about current events. Thus, I need to start again.

Mask-wearing and social-distancing are implemented not because of our health and safety. How come we weren’t asked to obey such rules when worse viruses were around.

If the government would really care about us they would not be selling us alcohol, cigarettes and other toxic products. These social forms of control are implemented for other purposes, such as facial recognition (which 5G combined with social distancing enables) as well as general control.

Masks were worn by slaves to show their lack of the freedom of speech. This is a symbol of non-identity too, which makes each person an identical unit in the crowd.

Just because the government keeps repeating that these social controls are for our safety doesn’t make it so. Yet the masses don’t look beyond these comforting words.

It’s so easy to see that the elite always uses the “problem-reaction-solution” theme to take away our freedoms, yet the masses still haven’t woken up to that. They plan and implement some attack or war, and then, as a result of fear that ensues, easily convince frightened people that it’s for their own safety to have fewer freedoms. The masses gladly accept all limitations because they can’t reason when they are afraid.

So the humanity is being gripped increasingly more tightly by the elite, with people’s own eager support. And those few who resist are seen as traitors, selfish and ignorant. How sad it is that those who point ignorance out are the most ignorant of all.

The masses do the free job of the police, monitoring those close to them for any rebelliousness and differing opinion. Because they are daily brainwashed by TV and other mind-control channels, they no longer have any questioning or reasoning ability. So even if the government tells them to wear yellow bags on their heads for their health and safety, they will probably eagerly follow such orders.

Masks do not protect. You still breathe the same air as everyone else, though if you wear a mask your oxygen intake is heavily reduced which can cause health problems. If there would really be a deadly virus in the air, the only way to protect ourselves would be to wear what virologists do – a full-body suit with an oxygen tank.

Listen to “Fear Is a Form of Control” on Spreaker.

Yet if anyone tries to expose any part of the plan by questioning things as such, they are met with mass hatred and shaming. The elite doesn’t even need to do anything – the masses protect their own worst enemies and shame those who try to save them. And if some part of the plandemic becomes really exposed – such as that the hospitals are empty – a distraction technique is introduced to take the attention of the masses away.

It could be some shooting, one race fighting against another, or some very cruel act done which makes people very upset. So the masses start discussing that, forgetting completely about what was being exposed. And if that doesn’t work, some official debunking site says that the claim is false, and the masses are instantly comforted without any research of their own.

That’s what happened with Wayfair. It was as obvious as day that they were selling children under the disguise of highly overpriced furniture. Yet official debunking sites rushed to debunk this claim by saying “no, Wayfair doesn’t engage in children trafficking”.

That was enough for the masses to be convinced.

I even got an email from some reader of mine who said Wayfair case is closed because some debunking site said this news was false. That’s really all it takes to put most people at ease and to discourage them from thinking about the matter further.

Wayfair scandal cover-up
G* *gle, the queen of censorship, makes sure sites supporting the agenda come first in search results.

Those debunking sites only focus on denying disclosures that threaten the vital parts of the plan, such as that hospitals are empty (which makes people question the validity or severity of the virus), that 5G purpose is mainly for surveillance and control, or about children trafficking (an old energy, sex and food source for the elite).

Because of the wretched condition of the masses, the world is quickly moving towards total surveillance and centralized control. Those who speak against such movement are seen as mentally ill, rebels without a cause or selfish. Those who speak against the plandemic or don’t follow rules are sometimes imprisoned.

So those few sane ones who do something to save humanity from enslavement are going to be gotten rid of in some way – silenced by the masses, put in jails or mental asylums, or maybe even killed if they pose too big of a threat.

Therefore I personally don’t see how this situation can get better. I’m sorry if this sounds negative but I’m just expressing my view on things. Since the society eagerly complies, I believe that we will see reoccurring lockdowns and disease outbreaks so that the humanity is trained to totally obey.

The way that I deal with this situation is by trying to detach from this world which is illusory anyway. I do this through reading spiritual texts, mindfulness and meditation. Now more then ever there is an incentive to go deep within yourself.

This is why I’m not affected by the plandemic and I have no fear in my heart. I feel distance between what’s happening and me. Therefore my moods are kept high.

It’s important during this time to be uplifted because there’s so much hopelessness, fear and general negativity in the world. Therefore those who keep their vibration high are doing a big spiritual service as otherwise the world would plunge into a really dark place.

It’s our responsibility to help as much as we can, and by keeping the energy high and never fearing we don’t allow this world to descend into total doom.

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