Varanasi, an Unsplash photo.

I’m writing this article in a cosy local cafe in Varanasi. This is one of the Indian cities which I love. It has history, and it’s a spiritual place where people come to spend their last days on earth.

Its energy is very motherly – you feel safe and supported there. There’s goodness in the air, peace and acceptance. Even my husband feels it, and he has no interest in spiritual practices.

There are quite a few people here adhering to morality and spiritual principles, and meeting such humans fills my heart with joy. It feels like meeting my brothers and sisters.

These days I was filled with sadness and the feeling of loss, though I have experienced no loss in my life. I think it’s to do with the kind of energy that’s present in the world at the moment, and maybe somewhere some mass calamity occurred, and sensitive people feel it.

I watch no news, so I apologize for my ignorance about the worldly events. But the feeling is definitely that this loss is in the collective, rather than something personal.

I find that during such times it’s very important not to try to escape such a feeling but to sit in it, to sit with it. Because this makes your capacity to love and feel compassion expand.

So I sit in it, I sit with it, and I sleep with it. And though that feeling of loss is in the forefront, the feeling of peace is always in the background, supporting me through this collective downtime.

But this article is not about this. I’d like to focus on human divine energy. All of us are born with it, all of us have the same amount of it, though most of us can’t access it in its entirety.

What’s worse, most people not only cannot access it in its entirety, but they are busy wasting it and empowering others with it.

The most obvious ways how they do this is when they focus on other people too much until they see them godlike. This is their own energy reflecting at them. It’s the energy they themselves gave to those people.

This is very obvious in the celebrity and guru worship. As long as such worship continues, humanity will be deprived of the knowledge of its divine power and source.

No guru is better than you. Yes, some people are more spiritually advanced. But the most painful thing is that those gurus proclaiming themselves to be gurus are usually nowhere as spiritually advanced as what they boast about.

They are opportunists. They are good at observing the trends. They see that people easily believe in those proclaiming themselves to be godmen. I think it’s to do with genes – humanity has been falling into this trap for ages and ages, so the genes in this regard work against us – they are as though programmed to follow humans who proclaim themselves divine.

Yes, there are actual humans who break the shell of the ego and allow their divine light to shine brightly. But these people never claim themselves to be special. They just exist, and their divine light attracts others to follow them and to benefit from it.

But a totally different thing is when people proclaim themselves to be gurus and use marketing and persuasive techniques to gain following, and then abuse people financially, sexually, emotionally, and so forth. They drain those people dry, and when there’s no longer any use of those humans, they throw them away.

I can’t believe how many are blind to fake gurus as such. But such gurus will continue to prosper as long as people are willing to see others as more spiritual or powerful.

We are all equal. Some of us just uncovered more of the inner light. But all of us have it. It’s good to learn from others and be inspired by others, but to worship other humans and see them as superior is a totally different matter.

One way of relating to such beings lifts you up, and another – disempowers you.

All of us are spiritual and powerful. It’s time to discover that power within rather than seeing your own power projected on self-proclaimed godmen. There will be always those proclaiming themselves divine as long as people don’t understand that all of us are from the same spiritual source and are loved by the Source equally.

Another way people waste their divine power is through engaging in dramas. I talked about this in my last live, so I’m not going to go into any detail here.

We are all divine, and beware of those who proclaim themselves more divine than others. Yes, we can learn from other people and be inspired by them, but that’s totally different to worshipping other humans. This causes you to deny your spiritual power, and without this spiritual power, we are nothing.

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