People don’t want to see the horrors on which our civilization was built. Other civilizations were also built on the blood of children.

Those who are in power are predators. They are called the blue bloods. They have reptilian genes which makes them feel special.

Ancient rulers of the world are still in charge. They normally look like humans but some people can get glimpses into their reptilian appearance, like David Icke did.

Self-appointed rulers of humanity are blue bloods – those having reptilian genes. They are the enemies of mankind pretending to be our protectors.

Such people are, I believe, the children of the fallen angels. They have totally separated from the Light and therefore they want to destroy those who have it – normal human beings. They hate anything that is good, and they hate love.

Listening to the stories of satanic ritual abuse survivors it becomes clear that the evil ones worship Baal, Dagon, Lucifer (which some identify as Jesus) and the God of the Bible which they identify as Satan.

Do you really think millions would be allowed to worship some positive figure? Do you think institutions of Light are able to legally function in this world ruled by Satan? Please think about this.

The elite wants us to look up to some external Light rather than realize that we are it. Because they know that if we stop giving our power to others and realize our own, we will become the threat that they won’t be able to conquer.

The elite targets children because they have the most Light. They want to destroy the Light, so they capture, rape and murder children. They get sexually aroused by their panic, feeding on it which is the same as how evil spirits get our energy.

They have so much hatred for humankind that they do all they can to show their contempt. They hunt children with dogs, rapes sometimes include animals. They do all they can to humiliate them so that they feel like nothing, when in truth those evil ones are nothing. They spit and urinate on children that they raped. They want to turn those who have Light into the monsters that they themselves are.

They are very jealous of us because we have the Light that they have lost. Maybe they know they can’t get it back and that’s why they continue in their evil ways.

Many of those deformed minds, such as John Podesta, must have been the victims themselves before becoming aggressors. Most of such deformed minds are made unless one is a genuine psychopath.

As children they experienced severe sexual trauma and other satanic abuse. Such children, born into certain families, are groomed to become perpetrators, whilst those belonging to the families with less pure blue blood are kept as servants of some sort, like the breeders for child sacrifice.

All the formalities, legalities and large institutions are created by these sick individuals. We as humans do not create such artificial structures. Those structures serve to keep them in power and to protect them.

When you listen to the satanic ritual abuse survivors you realize that the police and the legal system protects pedophiles and satanists and only if the matter becomes truly impossible to manage due to too many people knowing about the dark deeds of such perpetrators, they are imprisoned.

However, they get light sentences or are allowed to escape. Some fake their deaths but then live in other countries with new passports. The system is designed to support them and crush us.

I’ve researched these dark matters for many years and knowing that the predators created all the systems of the world, makes me want to drop all these chains we think are helping us and get off their radar completely. These systems enslave us and replace the guidance system of God.

I want to see a free world again, where there are no borders and people are free to do with their time what they please. No pointless jobs, no police, no governments. People living in communities protecting each other and caring for one another.

They have replaced our reliance on each other with reliance on them. People now trust the system more than anything else. The community is destroyed (at least in the developed world) so this leaves most no alternative but to rely on the system.

We don’t belong to anyone but if we rely on their system we make those predators our carers. Maybe this lockdown will inspire some to leave the system altogether. We need to start forming communities and live off-grid, expanding, disregarding the rules placed on us. If no community is formed, there’s always a life of a renunciate.

The elite wants to make it impossible to live this way. Living on your own land has many restrictions, rules and regulations. Travelers can’t simply cross borders without an ID and sometimes payment. Food isn’t growing everywhere but it’s purposely grown only for commercial purposes so that you have to work to eat.

Can you see that the entire world is captured by their system? All humankind is enslaved. We could create heaven on earth right now, by refusing to work in pointless jobs, removing the asphalt preventing the Earth from breathing, planting food everywhere and growing animals.

Any restriction you face is put there by the elite to make you enslaved. We don’t actually need to work at all. We can grow food anywhere. We could simply enjoy our lives and do something meaningful with our time, like meditate, rather than work for faceless corporations.

Maybe the lockdown will awaken people to this possibility and they will take action. I truly hope so. We don’t need to be ruled by these ruthless reptilians.

Though we got used to find safety in them, this is false safety. We are now like frogs being slowly cooked, but the greedy reptiles are now increasing the heat to get us cooked faster. Maybe this will make many to wake up.

We don’t have to live in identical cages. It’s our choice. We can choose not to comply.
We can easily create paradise on earth if we refuse to be governed by systems, walk out of jobs, refuse to obey reptilian rules, stop using their banking system, plant food everywhere, form communities, grow animals and protect each other.

Life can be deep, colorful and meaningful. If we escape the system and do not allow them to limit our food supply, this leaves us free to develop ourselves and to spiritually progress.

The masses are enslaved by fear and distracted by meaningless entertainment, but this life experience should not be wasted. There’s a lot we can achieve in this world. So let’s brainstorm further how to free ourselves from the reptilian system and create heaven on earth.

Remember. They created wars. They want us to believe that we can’t trust each other. But we can heal one another and destroy those reptilians who want to do us harm. We can do a much better job than the useless police which support the elite because they are installed by it.

Let’s not allow them to intimidate us. If we vibrate fear, they win because that vibration strengthens them. Let’s shine Light always, live in truth and morality, and have courage to change things.

Their influence will greatly diminish if their weapon of intimidation no longer works. We can really change the world, we just need to stop vibrating the energy that they are empowered by.

Finally, please visualize this heaven on earth. Life without borders and without these evil reptiles. Food that grows everywhere, animals grazing and nature being restored. Air that is fresh, the abundance of fish in clear rivers and seas, and all humanity coexisting peacefully. No IDs, no stupid jobs, no asphalt cities, but greenery everywhere, birds in the sky and butterflies playing with each other.

If enough of us visualize and believe in heaven on earth, this vision can become so strong that it will inspire us to take action to make it come true. So let’s meditate on this.

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