Recently, I watched a video about a day of a beauty vlogger. She spent the day driving, going to a doctor, applying makeup, filling in gas, and she said that she usually would visit clothing stores, but not on that day.

What a dull way to spend one’s time. And it’s obviously not the first video as such that I watched. I tend to notice how monotonous the lives of many are, even those who work for themselves; and that many lives are very similar, filled with materialistic goals, actions, and motivations.

Nobody can be happy with such lifestyles, even those that are the richest. There were many wealthy people and those who seemingly had it all who ended their lives prematurely because such a materialistic lifestyle cannot fill the emptiness they feel within.

The soul starves when we live just like everyone else, because it’s not allowed to express its uniqueness. The soul begins starving at a very young age, when children are put through school, which assesses them in the same way as everyone else, and gives identical tasks to everyone, as though to robots. Only the most stubborn children survive and keep their uniqueness.

Have you noticed that the areas of any country with the most educated people are very much pro-mask and pro-vac c-ne? This is not a coincidence. School and university education develops the brain in a certain way – in a way that doesn’t threaten the powers that control us. The minds are instilled with the respect and trust of the authority, obedience, and only the left brain is encouraged to develop.

So we get people who go for the same goals, and whose lives very much reflect those around them. For example, when I check my personal Facebook account where I have my childhood friends and schoolmates as friends, I can see that almost at the same time the women of my age group get married and have children. And when some trend develops, they proudly display it as a badge of some sort on their profile picture, such as “I trust the science” for the va-cc-in issue, or the Ukrainian flag for the current war situation.

Is that what the soul is supposed to experience? Of course not. Every soul is wildly unique. The fear of the collective disapproval, parental and cultural beliefs, and media and societal trends influence all contribute to make people into robot-like entities, following a very predictable life path.

How can a soul be nourished with such life choices? It’s dying. That’s why so many people, after thirty, lose the spark in their eyes, and start being burdened with responsibilities.

What’s the point of life if there’s no aliveness, excitement, adventure? And it’s so easy to break out and start living a life unique to you. All you have to do is to be honest with yourself, and uproot the causes I just mentioned (marked in italics just above). Once this is done, you have to be open to life, take more risky steps that align with how you feel.

You must choose expansion over contraction. This is your guidance system.

Contraction keeps you stuck in the monotony loop. Expansion gets you open to unlimited possibilities.

How to know if you choose expansion or contraction? You will feel it in your body, therefore you must get to know its feelings and sensations.

Whenever you think of a thought that’s limiting, or take an action that keeps you stuck or takes you off your path, or make a decision within your comfort zone which keeps you small, you will feel some sort of contraction, stress or uneasiness in your body. Every person is an individual, feeling it differently, so you must get to know how your body communicates with you.

Whenever you take empowering actions, make choices and think thoughts which are aligned to your soul’s purpose, you will feel some sort of expansion, like that you are at peace, that there are many possibilities, that life is not as hard as you thought it was. You must keep making expansive choices and thinking such thoughts to get out of the monotony loop and open yourself to all the possibilities available for your unique being.

Another thing that can keep people stuck is going through very similar lives lifetime after lifetime. If you feel this may apply to you, it doesn’t hurt to tell to the Creator that you delete and remove this repeating cycle in your soul’s existence, so that you can move on to something more interesting.

Do not be afraid to make more risky choices, as only that which takes you out of comfort zone will make you grow and place you in new situations.

This is the easiest to do when you know you don’t really die. The fear of death keeps people extremely limited.

For example, those who are the most afraid of the cor-on- vir-us are the ones who don’t even believe in God, let alone afterlife. They may attend church, buy crystals or do yoga, but if they are mortally afraid of what’s going on in the world at the moment, deep inside, they don’t believe in God.

So it’s very important to understand that this body is just an earth suit, and once it serves its purpose, you lose it to continue to other existences with other types of bodies.

You can only become fully convinced of the existence of life after death if you experience what it’s like to be out of body. This happens during the near-death experience, and also when you learn to astrally project. If you wish to learn it, I recommend the old HemiSync tapes of the Monroe Institute (the Gateway Experience series). They are available for free on YouTube.

It’s my hope that this post provided you with enough tools to break out of any monotony in your life, and to experience the next level of existence. It’s actually very easy, but you must trust this process, and trust that the Creator will help you when you start helping yourself.

All the best from Goa,

Simona Rich