Finally, I have some time to write about what I was going through these days. I’ve managed to publish a video too.

I don’t remember the end of the year being that busy for me ever. This is because my existing customers order six or twelve-month forecasts for the coming year once the year is finishing. But this time the amount of work that I got was a lot.

I still have assessments and consultations to do, but now I also have free time for other things.

The most important changes in my life were spiritual. But because these are new spiritual developments, I’m not able to tell about personal progress or any details, because it is well known in spiritual circles that once you start talking about some change you are going through, the improvement may pause or stop.

But it’s allowed to talk about the general aspects of the change, as though it’s not related to you, and this is what I’m going to do.

It’s going to concern astral projection.

Sometimes you may not even intend to have such an experience, but this is what can start taking place if you lucid dream. From OBE, other spiritual abilities can develop too, such as remote viewing.

It is unwise for people who never lucid dreamed or astrally projected to discourage others by spreading fear-based misinformation, such as that your body will be captured when your soul is not there, and suchlike.

The truth is, everyone dreams, but without awareness. And everyone astral projects, but unconsciously. So it’s not like you’re doing anything new – you’re doing it frequently already. So if your body can indeed be captured when you astrally project, well then it can happen as you astral project unconsciously too.

Yes, it’s true that the mind should be in the right place if you attempt such things. But if you know you are ready, or if naturally this starts happening to you as just the next step of your spiritual journey, then you should by all means do it.

OBE is not advised for people with mental problems, who are negative, who are fearful, who abuse mind-altering substances, and who can’t control their minds. That’s because these people will attract negative situations and beings not because OBE is dangerous, but because of who they are.

If you want to have positive OBEs, you need to focus on spiritual and personal growth, eliminate fears, and make sure your mental health is good. Also, it is important not to have any beliefs that this cannot be done.

To eliminate fears, it’s wise to listen to the advice of Tom Campbell, a physicist I’ve recently come across who’s an OBE expert and a highly evolved human being. He says that fears are very hard to find as they tend to hide. But there is a way to spot them, and it’s through ego antics.

Whenever you are upset, whenever you attack others with your words, whenever you are annoyed or discouraged, look at why this is the case. If the ego is big, you may point your finger at other people or anything else external to you as a culprit. Then the inquiry needs to continue, until you find the inner fear that’s causing you to act out this way.

Fears are often acquired in childhood and are unreasonable, based on the childish interpretation of events. For example, if you got bullied, you may have, as a child, interpreted that this happened as a result of you being useless or unworthy. This kind of fear-based belief will make you lash out at the people who act in a way that you may interpret as showing how unworthy you are, or those whose actions make you think that they may abandon you, and so forth.

If we don’t eliminate those inner hurts that formed fearful beliefs, those irrational and negative responses will remain, and when we pursue something deep like separating ourselves from the bodies, those fears will block our progress.

So this is something that must be addressed.

I do not ask anyone to astrally project. This will happen to those who should experience it. But I want to dispel fear-based beliefs about this subject which stops people from experiencing their power and limitlessness. It is unwise for those who never tried it or who astrally projected in a bad frame of mind to try to discourage others from such a wonderful pursuit.

The reason OBE is life-changing is that no matter how many times you hear that you are not the body, you will still retain some small doubt until you experience this for yourself. Another reason OBE is important is that it prepares you for the afterlife.

When you experience out-of-body travel, you will never be the same again. Your life will change forever. You will lose your fears. You will not take anything so seriously in this world. You will be happier, more confident, and more loving. You will understand how powerful you are.

As the world is becoming more and more restricted, we do not need to live under those restrictions all the time. We can live in many places, in many universes. There are no restrictions for our souls.

Of course, the best thing would be for the masses to wake up and stop the current insanity. But they are fast asleep, and this is a collective reality, where the majority decides what will happen. So it may be that we will fail to influence this mass hypnosis and would have to live under more restrictions.

Well, OBE may be the way to travel and experience even other universes without even leaving our houses.

By 2030, the elites will try to enslave all the vaxxed, and also it may be that they will attempt to permanently quarantine those who kept their immune systems intact by refusing the injection. Please join my Telegram to read the letter with this information.

It’s good to hope for the best but to prepare for the worst. Learning how to astral project at any time, and to even live in two realities at the same time, may be the only way to travel in the future. I hope, of course, that this doesn’t manifest.

How to astral project

For those who are interested, there is some information that I should share.

Herbs may or may not help to astral project. I was under the belief that they help. But then I realized I can do it without them also. Maybe they make perception whilst you are out of your body somewhat clearer.

Binaural beats help a great deal, but it’s best not to get addicted to them. Not because they are harmful – they are not; but because you do not want to use anything as a crutch. It’s best to use these aids less and less, until you don’t need anything at all.

I find this Binaural beats track very effective, and you can find many more effective free binaural beats on Spotify. You must listen to them only with headphones or earphones, and also you should never drive whilst listening to binaural beats. You need to find Theta binaural beats to achieve the state of astral projection.

I also advise listening to Tom Campbell’s videos. He’s a physicist who has maybe 40 years of OBE experience. He was working with Robert Monroe. There are many of his videos on YouTube explaining the nature of this reality, how to astrally project, how to spiritually progress, and more. He’s a highly advanced being who has a lot to teach.

So these are the things that I wanted to share with you but was unable to because of the amount of work that I had. I hope you will find this information useful.

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