Usually people either suspect nothing of the mind-control of celebrities, or they go to another extreme of thinking that all celebrities are mind-controlled and sacrifice their friends or relatives to get into the industry.

I remember when I was a Christian I would listen to the born-again lady (I forgot her name) who used to be in the industry. And she told that nothing of the satanic sort was taking place there.

Yet when I was heavily into conspiracy theories, I did believe that satanic rituals and mind-control are rampant in Hollywood. Why did I believe this? Simply because there were (and are) so many conspiracy theorists claiming that.

Because of my ability to keep an open mind, I was able to watch celebrity interviews without preconceived notions and realized that some of them are not mind-controlled at all. And I dare you to do the same – to watch them without any preconceived notions – and see with your own eyes whether they display normal personality traits or not.

Madonna does have dark personality traits, but she is not mind-controlled – watch her interviews without preconceived notions and judge for yourself.

For example, Oprah is not mind-controlled. Madonna isn’t mind controlled, though she has a dark side. And surprisingly, when I watched Lady Gaga, I realized that the reason she acts the way that she does is not because of mind control, but because she taps into the lower types of creativity. I give evidence of this further down.

Some celebrities are in Hollywood not because they are mind-controlled as conspiracy theorists want all to believe, but simply because they are powerful enough to be there. The public likes them, so they have influence. They call the shots.

The case of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga – mind controlled or childhood bullying victim?

Lady Gaga explained in an interview with Oprah that she has to go through dark times in order to tap into the source of creativity. Her parents are worried when she has to do the things that allow her to access that kind of creativity, which she called “opening the doors”.

She did not tell how she opens the doors, but she said it’s a worrying time for parents, and her mom always asks her to stay safe when she’s trying to tap into that kind of creativity. So she’s not a mind-controlled slave that has no say – she consciously tries to tap into that source of creativity.

Also, she clearly explains why she has more than one personality. Even in her shows, as well as interviews, she says that the reason she has alter egos is because she’s not comfortable in expressing certain parts of personality as herself.

She experienced childhood trauma which may have started this kind of personality splitting. She was once thrown into a waste bin by her schoolmates and she was told that she was useless.

Can you imagine what that does to a child? She doesn’t deny that such experiences formed her. And we don’t know how much she was bullied as a child. I suspect she was bullied often, and that it culminated into her being thrown into the waste bin.

The way that Lady Gaga expresses herself scares some, yet others find her as a source of inspiration.

Now she tries to help other children in her own unique way to be their own selves and to not care what others think of them. And yes, her songs are dark indeed and I don’t listen to them, but when you understand where she comes from, I do believe she’s trying to help others with her creativity.

And obviously her work reaches millions of children who find in her songs the source of strength. So I don’t believe her intention to be negative; she feels empowered by her work and she tries to inspire others with what she does.

It’s now known that if a child is repeatedly bullied or abused in other ways, core personality isn’t consolidated. Not only sexual abuse, but emotional abuse can split one’s personality as well.

So the reason Lady Gaga has multiple personalities which she acts out in the public doesn’t necessarily has to be the result of mind control. It could be because of her being bullied as a child.


I highly encourage everyone who reads conspiracy websites to not allow those ideas to influence them. Some of the theories could be right, and some – wrong.

It’s best to keep the opposite of what you’ve read as a possibility too, and then to keep collecting data until you’re convinced that one side is right. And it’s very important not to allow what you have read to influence how you view the person or situation because then you’re unable to see them as they really are.

To see whether some celebrity is mind-controlled or not you should try to view them as though you’re watching them for the first time. This helped me to identify celebrities who are mentally healthy from those who are not. And even when they seem mentally not well, maybe they’re, like Lady Gaga, simply consciously tapping into the lower forms of creativity.

Finally, I encourage you to watch this or any other celebrity interview video and judge without any conspiracy lens about whether the personality is healthy or not.

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