In this post I would like to share with you an occult law you probably didn’t know. And that’s because it’s not talked about in New Age circles as New Age teachers don’t know anything abut it.

This law helps you to rule your circumstances and to achieve success. This law goes like this: 

Active always controls the passive.


More active always controls more passive.

This law can be applied in many ways since spiritual laws are universal. For example, in the business world, a more active man will always be more successful.

Madonna at sixty (!)

Madonna at sixty (!)

This makes me remember my recent research on Madonna.

I watched many of her interviews and analyzed her natal chart to try to understand who she is.

When doing research on who this woman is, it’s very obvious that she is extremely active.

She’s sixty now, yet she’s as active as ever. And her success and young looks continue to be maintained. That’s because she uses this law, knowingly or unknowingly.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

The same can be said about one of the most successful stars of India, Shah Rukh Khan.

He’s 53 now, yet he too is as active as ever.

He still sleeps only 4-6 hours a night. All his life is about making movies and movie promotion.

Since he’s more active than other stars, he’s more successful.

Now this occult rule can be applied in a smart way employing another occult piece of knowledge which is this:

Thoughts rule matter.

The reason thoughts rule matter is because of the rule number one – that the active is always in control of the passive. Thoughts, being non-physical, have a much higher vibration to that of matter. This allows them to rule matter which is of lower vibration.

That’s why the law of attraction works – because that which is more active (thoughts) control that which is more passive (matter).

This information is gold for those who are already awake.

Get yourself active mentally so that you’re in control of that which is around you. Increase that fast vibration even more with positive and active external life, and you will become the ruler of your life rather than allowing circumstances to control you.

Passive people, allowing others to put content into their minds and reacting to circumstances rather than initiating action will always be victims of circumstances and under the control of those who consciously or unconsciously use the mentioned occult rule. But if you visualize that which you want, and continue taking action towards your goals, you will be the one in control of your circumstances and not a slave of anyone.

That’s also a way to neutralize negative natal chart indicators, but about that in another post.