This is in response to a few questions that I received as a result of my previous video and article on regaining the Kingdom of God.

I was asked if I recommend using mind-altering substances, such as psychedelic mushrooms or LSD, in order to achieve a no-mind, oneness state.

I was asked similar questions before, so I decided to write an article about it as my response.

I have never used such mind-altering substances nor did I ever want to. I know it takes work to achieve any permanent beneficial state and that there is no magic pill for liberation or solving of your problems.

I find that people lose more than gain when they use such substances. They get addicted to them, to something outside of themselves, and see those substances as a way to forget their problems, even if for a little while. They perceive them as a shortcut to problem-solving or pleasure, but you have to pay for all such shortcuts eventually.

I find this an unhealthy way to cope with life. Those substances may give you the feeling of a problem-free existence, glimpses of oneness or the awareness of other planes of existence, but this only associates the substance with those states in your mind, creating an addictive pattern.

I know some people argue that since such substances like magic mushrooms are provided by the Mother Nature, it must be good for us. But I find such thinking fallacious, because then it could be argued that since tobacco also comes directly from the Mother Nature, it must be good for us.

Every substance has its use, and I absolutely believe that there are some good uses, probably medical also, of such substances. However, I am against them being used as an escape from problems or as a way to spiritually develop.

It’s better to spiritually work towards other-worldly states and enter them at will, without the help of any substance as such. This is beneficial for you, as you are getting in control of the mind and body, and eventually you may even get rid of the surface mind which causes chatter and fears altogether, which would make you no longer desirous of experiencing other states of existence at all, as this reality itself then will feel joyous.

And it’s better to work on solving all your problems rather than trying to get a relief of them through such substances, because work on problems makes you into a stronger and more intelligent human being. Through overcoming problems, and not seeking to escape them, we grow.

No permanent state of liberation can be achieved with mind-altering substances. One would need to keep consuming drugs or magic mushrooms in order to keep experiencing other-worldly states.

Such substances can only give glimpses of such states, and usually with time you will need to use more of those substances for the same effect, and if not dosed correctly or abused, you may experience heart failure, brain damage, mental disorders such as psychosis (scroll to the “Risks” section), nightmares and so forth.

Also, once a person starts using such substances, it’s easy to get into the habit of resorting to them in order to escape everyday problems. I met some people addicted to marijuana, for example, whereas it is usually claimed that such a herb doesn’t create any addiction. If coffee creates addiction, such substances surely do.

(There is no need of any science report claiming it, because it’s obvious that the body can easily become addicted to anything that temporary changes its or brain functioning.)

And I’m not advocating any reliance on anything external anyway, be it drugs, other material things or people. All they do is train you to rely on some power outside of yourself, and this makes it more difficult to get in control of your life.

In India there are many Western travelers addicted to all sorts of substances yet thinking themselves very spiritual. I don’t believe they actually experience any true state of oneness at all, but only get lost in astral worlds, and not the highest ones for that matter, based on their drawings of the experience.

Gnome spirits

They usually get in touch with earth spirits such as gnomes, which are some of the lowest spirits existing in this world, who don’t like the human race anyway.

We can also assess the spiritual or mental development level of people using such substances by referring to the history of the hippy culture. Where they people whom you would consider very wise, or would you consider them lost, addicted to pleasure and not much in control of themselves?

Under such drug influence I believe the person to be helpless to protect himself from the influence of disembodied-entities, which may result in them attaching themselves to the human victim and absorbing their energy. Such entity attachment is very likely to happen when the person relies on something external of him or her to experience a different state of mind, like using alcohol or drugs.

It’s easy to tell when someone uses such substances, and you don’t even need a spiritual sight to know this. It’s obvious from the way that they dress, how they perceive the world and their facial features. Everything leaves its mark, and addictions do so in a great way. We are all familiar, for example, with the marks alcoholism leaves on the face.

It’s indeed fascinating to get in touch with other worlds, or to experience something similar to the state of oneness, but one doesn’t need any external thing in order to open themselves up to such states. All one needs is meditation, which is the safest way to experience true states of oneness as well as other, higher, worlds.

In addition to this, one should question himself if he uses such substances as a form of escape or as a way to grow spiritually. It’s very likely that the answer will be the former, because people who really want to grow spiritually will naturally understand that spiritual progress doesn’t come easily, and that one should put much work in order to grow.

It’s very easy to believe in magic pills, but experience always shows that they don’t exist.¬†Shortcuts to spiritual states carry too many risks, and you cannot get anything without a price.