Thanks to the fake c ov id situation, travel is restricted for the non-vac ci nated ones. As any seeming misfortune can be turned to one’s advantage, I used this limitation to free myself.

Since I was quite burned by an out-of-control kundalini awakening in the past, I now proceeded with this spiritual endeavor with the utmost caution, as I do with any spiritual activity now. I deliberately chose lucid dreaming rather than something like astral projection – as it’s safer.

(I consider lucid dreaming and astral travel to be the same thing, but because I’m new to it, I’m unable to make further comments about it. It seems like lucid dreaming is safer. It’s like getting to the same destination using a safer method – that’s how I see it at the moment.)

I only had one lucid dream years ago, and it wasn’t intentional. I woke up in a dream, when I was in a horse-drawn carriage, sitting with other people. I told them that I knew that it was only a dream, so they don’t need to act anymore. I don’t remember what their reactions were.

But this time I consciously wanted to initiate lucid dreams.

Firstly, I started keeping a dream journal. When I would wake up, I would dig my brain to uncover what I was up to in sleep. Sometimes the dreams were clear and I was able with ease to note down their details. At other times, it would take hours to remember.

I would keep asking myself throughout the day what I was dreaming about, which locations I visited in the dreams, and which people I was with. Sometimes dream details would arise in the midday, or even just before the next night’s sleep. On rare occasions, no details would come forth.

Two weeks had passed, with no lucid dreams. I persisted. I added more things to do. I watched more lucid dreaming videos and listened to more lucid dreaming audiobooks.

I set up Google reminders to ask me every two hours whether I was dreaming. I consciously thought about lucid dreaming during the day.

Another week went by uneventfully, but I didn’t give up. The fourth week, however, was anything but uneventful.

I would always meditate before my sleep. This, I found, made me fall asleep much faster, as the body would be relaxed. During one of my meditations, I started seeing images before my mind’s eye, slowly merging into actual dreams. But I was only an observer of those happenings, being unable to move, neither even perceiving myself in any form or shape in them. It was similar to watching a movie.

One night during meditation I perceived myself hovering over what I think was either Antarctica or the North Pole. There was only snow and deep blue water.

This reminded me of several dreams I remember having about being on a broken ice sheet, floating in deep blue waters, with hundreds of other ice floes around. There were penguins there, so I perceived this to be Antarctica rather than the North Pole. It was so totally quiet and peaceful there, and the waters were unmoving.

I’ve never seen such ice floes not even on TV since I have no interest in cold regions, being a lover of tropical places. But I googled the images, and this picture is quite similar to what I saw, though ice flows were smaller, and there were penguins on some of them.

Some people believe that the North and South poles are openings into the inner earth. Maybe we astrally travel there sometimes during sleep.

So during the fourth week, I started becoming an observer of the start of my astral travels, or dreams, whilst meditating. Those dreams were of astral-projection style, where I would catch myself watching the floor of my farmhouse, or I would view some location on this earth, yet being only a watcher of those pictures, and not in any bodily form.

A few days before the 30-day mark of the start of my lucid dreaming attempts, I came across information on a lucid dreaming herb. Keep in mind, I was frequently praying for help in lucid dreaming. So maybe this final help came in the form of this piece of information.

This herb was the mugwort.

I found out that it’s called a lucid dreaming herb. (Valerian root can have similar effects.) If you drink or moke it, you are likely to have much more vivid dreams or you may even become lucid in a dream.

I had to try this. I went outdoors to see if I still can find such an herb on my farm, though during autumn plants are starting to die or shed leaves.

This is a common herb in Lithuania and I was familiar with it before, so my hopes of finding it were high. Finally, I did come across some of these herbs, but only a few of them, because most were black because of the frostbite.

I took those that looked fresh, put them in a pot of water, and boiled them down to a brown liquid. I wanted a small dose of it because of its diuretic properties. I’d rather not wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

By the way, this herb is abortive so pregnant women should never use it.

I also dried a branch on my wood stove to burn in a room before meditation at night.

The night came and it was time for me to meditate. I burned a branch of mugwort and inhaled the smoke a few times. I felt a slight burning sensation in my nostrils.

I meditated and got some visions, but nothing out of ordinary. Then I drank the brown decoction and lied down for sleep.

My temperature dropped and I felt cold. I think that’s because it lowered my blood pressure, being a sedative. So I felt quite cold under the blanket when usually that blanket sufficiently warms me at night. I got some spasms in my right eye for some reason, then they disappeared, and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I couldn’t remember any dreams whatsoever. It seemed that this herb caused the opposite effect to what I hoped for.

I was ready to give up on it, when all of a sudden, whilst being on YouTube, I got a video suggestion of the same guy that introduced me to mugwort, titled on the thumbnail “Mugwort Doses Not Working?”. Of course, I clicked on it.

It turns out that not having anything happen during the first uses of this herb is more than usual. It was advised to continue. So I did.

However, since I only had very little mugwort left, I only dried a few remaining branches to burn before meditation.

The night came, and before meditation, I inhaled the remaining mugwort smoke. I meditated uneventfully and fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning, but couldn’t remember any dreams though I knew I had them. I tried hard to remember them, to no avail. Then I fell asleep again.

This time, I found myself in a dream, but still unconscious that I was in it. First, it was a dream with my mother, then it shifted to be about my friend. And then I found myself in familiar dream settings – a big luxurious hotel which I visit in dreams sometimes so I kind of know my way around.

At this time, I forgot which was my room, so I was trying to find it. The hotel had a light wood interior, and wine-colored carpets, and furniture of antique style.

I was headed to one particular area of the hotel, towards one room. I was close to it when my attention got caught by an exquisite light wood-paneled wall. As I was looking at it, I realized that since I live in a farmhouse and I’m not traveling anywhere at the moment, this must be a dream.

At first, I couldn’t believe it. Am I finally lucid dreaming? I even asked myself – am I really in a dream right now? Since I knew that there is no possibility of me being in this place for real, I knew it must be a dream.

I got so excited. I was elated. My hard work all this month paid off. But I also knew that too much excitement could wake me up. I think this strong awareness of this possibility is what kept the dream going; as though I maintained dual awareness; with one awareness I was in a dream, with another, I was as though guarding it against discontinuing.

I touched the wooden panel. It felt real, just like in the waking state. I felt the lacquer and the slightly uneven surface of the wood. I proceeded to enter a room, which I knew wasn’t mine.

The room was dark because dark wine-colored curtains were on the windows. I opened the curtains to allow the daylight in. I looked around the room and saw a bed. Under a dark green cover, I saw some figure lying.

I uncovered the cover to find a blond boy under it, of around eight years old. His forehead was bleeding.

I asked him what happened. He said his father beat him.

I asked if he wanted me to help him to escape from there. He said yes.

I told him that he would need to find my room, and I told him its number. He asked me why we couldn’t leave together. I said it’s too dangerous – we may be caught this way. He agreed.

When I turned around to leave the room, I saw that the wall near the door was made of mirrors. Or maybe it was a wardrobe with mirrors – I’m not sure. I decided to approach the mirror to see how my dream reflection looked like, though it was a little scary. I approached the mirror – it was misty.

I tried to clean it but to no avail. So I was only able to see the general shape of me, which didn’t seem any different to the waking world, but I wasn’t able to see any details.

The room started shifting, and now its walls became green. I perceived my cat to be moving close to my physical body. I was able to maintain this dual awareness. I knew I was in bed and I felt the cat next to me, but I was also able to allow the dream to continue.

Wanting to list in detail all that had taken place in my first lucid dream, I decided to exit this experience.

So this was my first conscious lucid dreaming experience.

I’m beyond excited. To me, this cannot be compared to any worldly gift, no matter how expensive.

I have many objectives to fulfill in this state, from exploring my subconscious to eliminating what should not be there, to meeting spiritual beings, and having the fun of my life in the world I’m able to create by intention.

I believe this state is astral travel. Of course, if the mind simply is unloading at night, you will get all sorts of weird dream experiences that would be the echo of what you did in a day. But there are times where you are in some specific location, which is totally unrelated to your waking experiences. This, I believe is the astral travel done usually unconsciously.

In lucid dreams, you can attend spiritual lectures, meet very advanced beings, and even heal your physical body, as all physical ailments are rooted in spiritual problems. I’m very excited to be starting this new adventure, and I’m actually grateful to the government-imposed restrictions of today for making this spiritual development happen.

Was I able to travel anywhere I wished now, I would not have had any reason to awaken this spiritual faculty. So thank you, the oppressors of this world.