Yesterday, I posted a personal update video touching on the current situation. There, I mentioned that in my country (Lithuania), if you don’t wear a mask on trains, for example, you will be asked to leave unless you show medical papers proving that you cannot wear a mask because of health problems.

I got one comment blaming mask-wearers for the reason we keep getting enslaved.

This shows the lack of understanding of the whole situation. The system of control goes much deeper than depending on someone complying with mask-wearing or not.

The whole system was designed for slavery. It’s not that now someone refuses to wear a mask and all goes back to normal. Those who refuse to wear a mask without a valid reason will be denied the use of some public services, and in some cases, their freedom may be taken away.

Not wearing masks, hoping that this will solve a problem, is like cutting the individual branches of some undesirable bush hoping that it will destroy the whole bush, without paying attention to the root.

The whole system was designed to enslave. Mask-wearing and other compliance manifestations are just the topmost branches of that design.

Even if the whole of humanity refused to wear masks, do you think this would destroy the system? Never. The plans for this kind of enslavement will be delayed, then more propaganda would be delivered for consumption, and again the same thing will start being implemented.

So it’s not that we should fight the individual manifestations within the system. We should walk away from the evil system itself. That is the only way.

We cannot make changes in the system designed for slavery. This system is represented by the pyramid, where the ruling head is the top, and the more branched out from it you are, the less you understand the plan. The bottom rows represent those who know absolutely nothing, technicians, proficient only in their small fields.

How can you fight such a system with a refusal to do something that they tell you to? You will only get ignorant technicians to deal with, and humanity will view you as an evil one.

So the only way out is not to participate in this construct at all.

The way that this system got hold of humanity is by taking us off our lands and communities. We had each other for protection, and we had our land for sustenance. The controllers seduced our ancestors with, I guess, the false joys of city-living, the ease of living with more comforts, and the entertainment available there.

So people sold their lands to work for someone else in order to earn money to be able to stay in cities.

This separated us from our power. Now we had the middleman to go through for our sustenance. We no longer were sustained by the land directly and our security was no longer in our community. Now we needed to work for someone else to be able to earn enough money to buy what is produced by the land, and to depend on the inefficient police force for our protection.

So they inserted themselves between us and the land. They worked hard to destroy families and communities. Now individuals living in cities absolutely need these controllers to survive.

We don’t need this extra leg, we would be much better off without it.

But how to escape, when the system is so firmly established?

You will find that you can do quite a lot to sever your ties from the system. But when you go deeper, you will find that you cannot fully escape without it being illegal in some way. And if you don’t broadcast your personal lifestyle, maybe nothing will happen. But if they start paying attention to you, you may be fined or even imprisoned.

If it comes to that, my advice is to never lose sight of what you stand for. If you went that far, it means you stand for personal freedom. This is what to base your fight on. And even if they imprison you, it’s best to die free in your soul than to die enslaved both in the body and spirit.

If you wish to be totally free from the system, that would mean renouncing your citizenship and being passport-free. This naturally would deny almost all the public services to you, access to money supply from banks, and so forth. So you can see that the system is so entrenched in humanity that very few would be willing to completely free themselves from it.

But even without totally leaving the system, you can surely take many steps to reduce your dependency on it. This involves moving off-grid or partially off-grid, working for yourself, growing your own food, refusing to use most things that require licences, monthly payments and so forth.

You will find that the more you distance yourself from the system, the happier you become. They don’t want you to know this, so the system is designed so that you fear making a freeing change.

So I believe that the greatest fear of the controllers is not of those people trying to make changes whilst staying in the system, but of those who are trying to leave it altogether. Because if others are inspired by such a move, and the system is left behind, it will die.

So let’s be that inspiration. Let’s start leaving the system in our own individual ways and capacities. If we are helping ourselves, God will also join in to help. And maybe then we will see a possibility to completely leave this soulless construct.