When I published my narrated audiobook of Eliphas Levi called Transcendental Magic, I got some questions about why I read such books. Thus, this article. 

In Christianity blind faith and ignorance are exalted, whilst knowledge is said to be of the devil (though Jesus himself told to be as wise as serpents!). The reason Christians and Catholics are discouraged from developing intelligence is because that intelligence will lead them out of the trap of this religion.

This religion is the religion of magic; although Protestantism branched off from Catholicism, its mother is still the Catholic Church, and will always remain so.

Research and reading books not approved by the Church is still discouraged today as it was in the middle ages, because the religion of Christianity has so many flaws that reading books on history and magic would quickly expose it for what it is. Magic research is especially discouraged because Christianity is based on it.

The reason the Holy Christian Church burnt magicians is because they were its competitors. In order to survive and establish monopoly, this Holy Church had to kill all who threatened its security. Of course, magicians and magic schools were the biggest threats because they exposed the Church as just another magical organization.

Now, as the great majority of such people and schools were destroyed by the Holy Church, nobody has the means to understand that the Church is based on magic. This cruel hag, however, failed to exterminate all who held such knowledge, and thus a way out of this religious cage is still present.

The reason there are millions of adherents of Christianity is because those poor souls are kept under the magic spell. They are discouraged from reading magic works because they would expose the Church for what it is (by making church-goers understand that magic principles underlie the Church) and thus the magic spell is likely to break.

Thus, they are fooled into thinking that magicians made pacts with the devil, and that those who read such works would go to hell. This is simply a fear-based technique to discourage people from reading works that would expose the Church for what it is, and thus reduce its profits and control.

This the esotericists, like Eliphas Levi and Madame Blavatsky knew very well of course, and that’s why the Catholic Church hated them so much, and that’s why unconscious humanity still hates such people without even reading their works.

If you want to know your enemy, you must study it. I’m not saying magic is bad, only some parts of it. But we must study the workings of both black and white magic in order not to be enslaved by such methods of control.

If you’re not aware of how they work, you might be in the grips of their spells and you will never know that you are captured.

Thus, my deep study of the occult. I’m not interested in gaining power from it, conjuring spirits or anything like this. I have no desires as such. But I am interested in maintaining my freedom, so I read such works so that I’m aware how religion, politics, commerce and other methods of control enslave human souls with spells.