It’s easy to function on auto-pilot and not think about the daily actions that you take. But they determine your reality. Any action that you take is some sort of affirmation. Are you affirming a positive reality or a negative one?

I especially would like to focus on how you spend money in this article, because money is our energy in the form of paper notes.

Where you spend money shows your support of the activities you invest in. Does your money go to corporations or moral individuals? If you support corporations by paying them, you support human enslavement. I recommend slowly redirecting your money flow away from such companies because if you invest in human enslavement, you yourself will not be freed.

If you invest in media companies that spread lies by watching mainstream news, or if you pay for TV programs, you’re supporting human oppression. Let’s try to withdraw our energy from such enslavement tools and invest it in independent organic ventures so that we are empowered; because if you support individuals like you, in turn you will also receive support.

I loved Aug Tellez’s explanation of what a “corporation” really means. It’s a “corp”se with living souls in it. I’m against such unnatural evil establishments and I choose to invest my energy in the form of money in organic independent ventures to support moral creative human beings.

As the lockdown is now slightly being lifted in Nepal, I choose to spend my money in small family-run shops and I avoid the couple of supermarkets here unless I need something from there that the smaller shops don’t have. I’m gradually withdrawing my energy from unnatural soulless institutions to invest it in people.

I will share with you what happened to me when I decided to withdraw from G company as much as possible and instead started to use alternative search engine and browser, and instead of going to shopping centers I started buying from small shops. Straight away I received several Life Assessment orders. I had to even extend the service delivery date because I won’t be able to complete all the assessments on time.

Why did this happen? Because I enriched humans like myself and not some dead body – corporation. My money went directly towards improving the life of another human being.

This is one of the ways for us to reclaim our freedom.

Please be aware where you spend your money. Go through all the bills that you pay. I recommend discontinuing the payment to any corporation that you can afford, and I recommend going shopping in living stores, which are not controlled by some soulless system.

If you invest in companies in which people are underpaid and who hate their jobs, what kind of energy, in the form of product or service, are you receiving in return? Of a very low vibration. So please, be aware of where your energy in the form of money goes, because it to a large extent determines your quality of life and how much freedom you have.