I love what Eckhart Tolle says when people expect things to always be perfect. He says that nowhere it’s written that they’re supposed to be perfect.

It’s the ego that wants all to be ideal, according to Eckhart. And when things turn out the opposite, the ego gets stressed.

All the obstacles that we experience help us grow. Our life is a school and difficulties help us if we learn from them. Of course, we can make a choice of allowing the difficulties to make us miserable. But that’s a choice.

Without difficulties there would be no growth and life would get quite boring.

I compare the changing circumstances to the changing sky. Sometimes it’s bright and the sun shines unobstructed, and sometimes it can’t even be seen from the thickness of clouds.

The same happens with our lives. Sometimes we experience happy times which allow us to forget our difficulties for at least a little while and enjoy the present moment, and sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of trouble when it’s difficult to see anything positive about the experience.

If we know that life is like this, we can stop stressing out when things don’t go our way. And if we also keep perspective in mind, it helps us even more. Because what most humans experience in developed countries is nothing compared to what some people in India or Africa have to endure on a daily basis.

So if we keep this in perspective, especially visualizing the difficult life of some people in this world, and also if we remain grateful for the things that do go right in our lives, the difficulties will already seem quite light.

Accept what is and see it transform

Another powerful teaching of Eckhart Tolle relating to obstacles is acceptance of all that happens. If you accept that you’re in trouble, you already have power to use. If you resist that which is, you become disempowered.

Eckhart goes in detail about this, explaining that you don’t have to agree with what’s happening to you if it’s negative, but that it’s very important to accept the reality of it – the present moment.

If you add inner resistance to an already negative situation, you make it last longer. But if you simply accept the reality that you’re faced with, an inspired action may follow which can quickly take you out of it.

Here is Eckhart’s video about the power of accepting the present moment no matter what happens to you:

I can attest that making peace with your situation works. Whenever I’m in trouble, I accept that it’s the case, and usually I find that after acceptance circumstances relax and become favorable to me.

This, for example, happened a few times when I was pestered by the Trivandrum airport staff for staying in India so long. The staff at that airport automatically assume that if you keep returning to India, you must be doing something illegal there. So it can be quite frustrating.

But I relax into this and accept what is. And then I find them leaving me alone quite fast.

Planets may give you trouble

Another reason why some people experience difficulties is due to troublesome transits. Transits are planet movements through the locations of your natal chart planets. They can cause real upheaval, especially if you have a few planets close by.

You may sense when a difficult transit is taking place, because your mood may go down without any reason, or you may, for example, start being fearful without any apparent cause. Or suddenly many obstacles may start annoying you.

During such times you have to be patient and keep your vibration high. Because if you do, once the difficult transit is over, you will be richly rewarded. And also you will save your health, as stress kills.

So identify such times as caused by challenging planet movements and stay patient – good times always come after such challenges.

Why awakened people sometimes experience difficult life

If you’re awakened, there may be several reasons why you may be experiencing difficulties. For example, you may be repaying your past karma.

Now as you have awakened, you will have to repay all the evil that you did, whilst those who are still asleep, sometimes they can be very evil, yet nothing really bad happens in their lives.

That’s because they’re still in the season of sowing. When the reaping season starts, I really don’t envy them.

Yet when you’re awake, the repaying starts whether you want it or not. And if you neutralize past karma through good behavior, as soon as you misbehave, the karma will slap you almost instantly. So that’s a big difference to the karmic delay that those who are asleep experience.

Since awakened people aren’t perfect (they’re just getting perfected), sometimes persistent obstacles try to get a message across that there’s some negative character feature or action of yours that needs to be addressed. So try to become more aware of how you behave and what you do, so that all awareness blindspots are destroyed.


I think I’ve addressed quite a few reasons of why things may not be going your way and what to do about it. If you’ve found this article helpful, please share it with others. If you have a comment to make, please do so below.