I recently was forwarded a message from an African pastor who explains in great detail what will happen during this time. Though his message contains appeals to get saved by Jesus, I think it contains a lot of important information otherwise, and must be considered.

From EC Okoye [4/7, 11:38 PM] Bishop E C – Africa: GOOD DAY EVERYONE.

Are you one of those who don’t understand what is going on right now, then you will need to read this write up I decided to put out for those who have ears.

I will be talking about:

1. The new World Order

2. The corona virus pandemic

3. The 5G network

4. The Grants for African

5. The Mark of the beast

NOW LET ME GIVE YOU A SUMMARY OF MY SUBMISSION The gods of this world wants to reduce world population for easier control and management.

They want to achieve the following objectives:

1. One world economy

2. One world government

3. And one world religion

They want to cage humanity and take over power to be controlled by few individuals and big corporations through Artificial Intelligence. I hope you know that Artificial Intelligence is beyond using machines to act exactly like human beings; because in this scenario, human beings will be turned into a machine by artificially controlling their brains to perform intelligent tasks as obtained in Artificial Intelligence.

To achieve this, they will compel everyone to take a microchip in form of vaccines in their bodies which will permit them to transact businesses and perform all life’s essentials, without which none of these things can be done.

The major crusaders of this event are:

 Bill Gates,

 Elon Musk,

 Jeff Bezos,

 George Soros,

 Warren Buffet,

 Barack Obama,

 Jacob Rothschild,

 Henry Kissinger,

 the Rockerfellers,

 Bill and Hilary Clinton,

 Tony Blair

…and many other world billionaires who are in this project together.

Recently I watched a video interview of Mark Zuckerberg on YOUTUBE where he promised Billions of dollars to the Bill Gates cause on Covid-19 vaccine.

Now, you might ask yourself, HOW DO THEY PLAN TO ACHIEVE THIS NEW WORLD ORDER? The answer is found in the ID2020 Alliance manifestos. You can google this.

What is ID2020 Alliance? ID2020 Alliance is an innovative public-private partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity. According to the information obtained on the official website of ID2020 alliance, for you to get any attention or support to fight poverty, sickness and obtain any good thing in life, you must have a chip implanted in your body, an identification mark that gives you access in the new world order.

If you are a Bible student, you will understand what the Bible says concerning this mark in the book of Revelations Chapter 13 verses 16 – 18.

This ID2020 Alliance started a long time ago but was officially presented in 2018 in a more formal articulation and ethical approaches to digital identity, by an eleven-member board, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Now, to achieve the Digital Identification of everyone on earth, a microchip most be implanted under the skin of everyone.

And the only ways to achieve this is to try and make people to willingly accept the implant on their bodies, or put fear in people that will make them accept it. Guess what? they decided to use the two options; that is, to put fear in people and make everyone willingly accept the Microchip.

These are the facts All existing generation networks up to 4G are not capable of delivering the speed that is required to power all essential services that Digital identification requires to work efficiently, therefore the 5G is required with high frequency at short distances. 5G is the only network for the future.

Without 5G, there is no appreciable advancement that can be done in technology. This is the reason why they want 5G rolled out at all cost.

Because China is in trade, technology and economic war with USA, they decided to work fast enough to be the first to lunch the 5G network. Sometimes in July 2019 5G network was rolled out in the city of Wuhan.

Then later on, the USA, UK, Italy, France, Iran and others rolled out their 5G in selected Cities in their Countries, not with the primary intention to kill people but the 5G network is inevitable. The people behind this understands that the 5G is harmful, but the only way to know the extent of damage it can cause is to test it.

China wants to be ahead so they agreed to use the “new” innovation in a City where they can easily attribute the cause of death that may likely occur to a virus. Wuhan was known for eating live animals that can easily transmit virus to human, hence the decision to use the City.

The effect of the radiation of 5G network on human body will take about bout 5 to 6 months to evidently manifest, according to Science tech researchers. So, the plan was that, once they have casualty, they will quickly perform experiment on the dead body to ascertain the type of damage that took place in the cells of the body and quickly write a code that can prevent this damage from taking place within the body and put it in the microchip that will be implanted under the skin of everyone.

This is the vaccine that Bill Gates was talking about. Anybody who has it implanted on his or her skin will not die of 5G radiation damage. They will say you have been vaccinated and you are no more a danger to human community and so you will be permitted to perform transactions over the 5G network, such as buying and selling under the new world order.

The people dying now are just the collateral damages that must take place before they get their vaccine fully ready for deployment, which is the microchip, that is carrying every other information required to power the next generation technology of Artificial intelligence.

Some scientists will tell you that 5G network has nonionizing radiation and so cannot break chemical bonds, but it’s not true. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2011 classified RFR as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Then in 2012, $30 million study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) found “clear evidence” that two years of exposure to cell phone 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation RFR increased cancer in male rats and damaged DNA in rats and mice of both sexes.

The Ramazzini Institute in Italy also replicated these findings and had the same result, how much more the 5G with 10 times frequency emission efficiency. Now, Bill Gates and Co understands that the 5G network is the only network that can work with the microchips to be implanted in man to achieve the digital identification number, they decided to widen the scope of the conspiracy.

Once the 5G is installed across test run countries, and in few months begins to cause damage to the cells in form of seizures and instant death, they then conspired to attribute the cause of death to a virus. Since the deaths will definitely occur first in Wuhan, being the first City to roll out 5G, they then prepared a highly contagious Covid-19 and introduced it amongst the people so that they can easily attribute the cause of death to Corona Virus.

The people you see that are dying in their hundreds have been so much exposed to the 5G radiation, so that once corona virus attacks them, they can never survive it. These are the people you see that will just fall down and die in streets and homes.

Corona virus is not that dangerous as they make it seem to you. It can be treated. The actual cause of death is radiation from 5G. This situation will now cause great fear in the hearts of people and they will be ready to accept and embrace any solution.

Now, Bill Gates and Co have developed a MicroChip and then lie to the people that it is the vaccine that will immunize the people against Coronavirus. Meanwhile, it is a microchip that will store all the information required for artificial intelligence and also protect humans from radiation damage.

The so-called vaccine will be communicating with the 5G network to transmit information. Only those who refused to take the vaccine will be dying from Radiation, but they will lie that it is the coronavirus killing them, that until they take the vaccine everyone will continue to die.

Trust me, nobody wants to die a painful death, so people will be submitting to the vaccine from Bill Gates Everything about you will be stored in that chip.

The ability to withdraw any money you have in the Bank will be stored on the chip. You will not need to carry any card or any information on you again because you have been digitally connected to a central server ready for the one world government, one world economy and one world religion.

You will be paid money directly to your account but those who have not received their vaccine which contains the microchip will not be able to spend the money. They cannot buy nor sell. This is why I am so scared of the much talked about the Grant for the poor in Africa, because part of what they will use to entice people is money.

They will give Presidents of nations money to adopt and install 5G networks first in their major Cities and then to other Cities. They will also give huge money to Citizens of Africa through Cooperatives and NGOs. The use of this money by the recipients will only be possible if they have been vaccinated.

A lot of people will be vaccinated in other to get the money. Remember that both the Government and everybody is broke now and will be ready to do anything to get funded.

It is only illuminati that can give N10million to 40 million people in a country. This amounts to N400 trillion. Only the gods of this world can pay this huge amount to each Country in Africa.

Here is my advice to you if you are waiting for any grant from anywhere, as soon as they ask you to get vaccinated before you can access your grant, please run for your life. And if you are yet to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior please do now. The end has not come, but it is nearer.

[My note. Christianity is likely to be controlled opposition. They have some correct information, like about people being marked, but what’s their solution to that? To wait to be raptured. Thus, they pose no threat to the elite as they will be passively waiting for their savior rather than doing something about the situation.]

What is really going on with Covid-19 is far too big, too complex, too sinister, too evil, too bizarre and too extraordinary for the average mind to comprehend or accept.

If you stay in Lagos and Abuja, just be observant after the lockdown to see the new installations of 5G networks in some locations. I watched some videos online of these installations but I cannot confirm to you if they are actually the 5G installations. If, however, the installations are for the 5G, this means that they locked you down so that they can do the work.

Why was Bill gates saying that more people will die in Africa and especially Nigeria, and that the vaccines should be moved down to Africa? The Death you are seeing now in Nigeria and Africa at large is the one from Coronavirus and that is why it is not much because it can be treated, and people are recovering from it.

After 5 to 6 months of switching on the new 5G network, you will be surprised with the death records we will be having, and they will tell you it’s from Covid-19.

Here are some of the international frontline NGOs that are involved:

1. Mercy Corps.

2. KIVA non-profit organization

3. Hyperledger umbrella

4. iRespond non-profit organization

5. Care international

6. Simprints non-profit

7. International Computing Centre

8. FHI360

9. CITRIS Policy Lab

…and several other NGOs who are working with these major ones to distribute money to the poor.

Now, don’t get me wrong; 5G will connect you to everything you can think of. In fact, it is referred to as internet of everything, but it is also a gateway to where you don’t want to go.

The good news is that the rapture must take place before they can be in full charge of the world.

The microchip implant in the body is what the Holy Bible describes as the “Mark of the Beast” “666” in the Book of Revelations chapter 13 and once you take it you are doomed forever. All these are meant to happen after the taken away of the Christians according to the Holy Bible, but Satan is running faster than his shadows.

Satan is trying to make sure that some Christians accept this chip even before the rapture takes place. BE WARNED Yours Truly Mr. Austin [4/7, 11:38 PM] Bishop E C – Africa: We need to fervently pray for divine enlightenment and intervention on the above. May God forgive our human follies and destroy the evil plans of Satan and his agents

Bishop E C
Listen to “What They Don’t Want You to Know About Coronavirus” on Spreaker.

Though there’s an attempt to convert you through fear to Christianity, I think the message is very convincing. After all, hospitals are empty, and more tents are being set up in wait for coronavirus patients. There’s such confidence in the mainstream media about numbers of coronavirus patients exploading in the near future. How come they are so sure?

Further 5G rollout worldwide would explain it. So I encourage you to really consider this message.

Having said that, I also strongly encourage you to listen to this 4-hour recording I found yesterday. Now wonder these several days much important information came into my life and probably into yours – it was Full Moon in Libra. Full Moon discloses secret things, and Libra is about justice.

This recording is available on YouTube as well:

I’ve also found a text of this recording, though I cannot guarantee it’s a full one.

In the recording (it was made in 1991) a doctor shares how he was invited to participate in some kind of conference of doctors and the one that was the presenter was from Illuminati. According to the linked website for its text, the illuminati member who disclosed this was later made sick with cancer and died.

The meeting took place in 1969, and most that the Illuminati member disclosed actually already took place, though when the doctor was disclosing this information to the public in 1991, he kept expressing surprise about what the future holds.

Now it all came true, except for the endgame. It’s now looking that we are in this time, so we must be aware of what the elite is planning for us.

I’m not sharing this for you to fear. I’m sharing this for you to be prepared. We should hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. In the recording it’s told that the reason movies are getting more and more cruel is so that to make humanity desensitized to the violence which they are likely to witness in the endgame.

I also want to add here that if the situation gets bad, we must target the “head” – the elite, and not the “body”, the police, military, brainwashed professors, etc. Those are just asleep people and we’re fighting an endless fight by confronting them. If the head is cut, on the other hand, the body falls.

They set up the system in a way that the truth-seekers fight with the bottom part of the pyramid. We need to brainstorm, should the situation continue, how to get to the “head”.

The situation here in Nepal is getting worse. Police are patrolling the streets with sticks and rudely asking people where they’re going if they see any. It’s so, so sad. We still walk though.

They are especially aggressive late in the evening, so I need to be on the lookout for 5G towers, in case that’s why they want people to stay at home. I saw some similar to 5G looking tower, but I have no one to ask what that is, since many Nepalis don’t speak English and almost none of them are on streets due to the fear of the police.

If I disappear, know that I inquired into things too much. But I’m not afraid, and I now started seriously meditating so that I again achieve separation from the body so that if my body is tortured, I’m not shaken.

I encourage everyone to do what you can in this situation. Unify with others – invite people into your home (those who think the same way, not the sheep who would report you for doing this), brainstorm what to do.

If you’re stuck at home, use all your time to make people aware through posting what you know on social media and other places. Share this message if you can. Please, please, please… do not simply sit at home and fear. We have a lot of work to do in these times.

I have a great life. I have achieved all that I wanted. I lived in my favorite country – India, for around 12 years. I’m so grateful for having experienced freedom to do what I want, self-employment, love, the beauty of India. I have no regrets, and I’m ready to face whatever comes.

I encourage you to be grateful for what you have, to do what you always wanted to if possible, to apologize those you have hurt, to tell “I love you” to those that you do. We don’t know how this situation goes and it’s not looking good, so we shouldn’t have any regrets in case there’s no more time to right them or to fulfill our dreams.

Among this negativity, meditation is my retreat. I try to stay tuned within as much as possible and this keeps me calm. Now it’s a perfect time to achieve total detachment from your body through breath meditation. Simply focus on your breath in a comfortable posture, to the exclusion of everything else.

Since Jupiter is in distress – in its fall in Capricorn surrounded by malefics – spiritual guidance will be very difficult to access at this time. People will feel like God has forsaken them. From around August it will little bit distance itself from malefics, so there will be some relief, but not much. In November it’s going to be difficult again, getting worse in December.

On the 21st of December we have the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter then will enter the sign of Aquarius, so at least it won’t be in its detriment. However, Saturn overpowers it because it’s the old ruler of this sign.

Also, since Jupiter represents God, and Saturn – Satan, we see that this date could be seen as a battle between God and Satan, Good and Evil. I must say that Saturn is strong, but my hopes aren’t dead.

This is the new cycle, and many astrologers believe that it’s the NWO date. The way that we are governed will surely change, and I pray that this change is for the better, if humanity wakes up quickly.

After December, Jupiter is no longer surrounded by malefics but starts distancing itself from them in the sign that’s neutral to it. So there will be a relief of some sort. That’s when we can start hoping for the improvement of the situation.

My past prediction of internet censure has been fulfilled, thus I’m giving further information about what I see astrologically. February next year should be even a better month, and it gets progressively lighter after that.

Our task is to survive this year, and do a lot in order for this new order of the world be to our advantage. If we do nothing, the elites will definitely establish their slavery system.

All of us are responsible for this not to happen – all of us should do all we can to inform the masses and entice them to ACT. It’s enough sitting and passively accepting all these evil ones feed us with.

What will you do today to contribute to the positive change in the world?