The new-age movement tends to teach half-truths. It selects from esoteric sources things that sound good and leaves out the rest. This appeals to the masses, and thus new-age has become a very popular religion.

A particular half-truth that New Age teaches about raising vibration is that you should only keep your mind on the positive and avoid the negative, and you will go up the levels of vibration.

The correct half of this teaching is that you must stay positive for you to go up the levels of vibration. The false information that New Age gives about raising vibration is that you should avoid the negative.

The airplane would not be able to lift off without resisting air molecules. The air molecules, in this case, are the enemies, trying to stop the plane. Although air molecules aren’t evil in themselves, they do act as sort of “enemies” as they try to hinder the airplane’s progress.

Because the airplane resists those “enemies” and keeps going, those opposing air molecules actually help it to lift off in the end!

So the same goes with raising vibration on the human plane. When you go up the levels of consciousness and your vibration keeps rising, opposition must come, be it in the form of nasty people or circumstances. You cannot expect an obstacle-free ride, because an obstacle-free ride keeps you stuck.

It’s the obstacles that actually make us progress – but only when we go towards the achievement of our goals despite of them, or through them, so to speak.

The more you try to raise vibration, the more obstacles you must meet on your way. And when your vibration is really high, facing obstacles becomes so natural that you no longer view them as unwelcome opposition but just as something that’s always there!

Therefore, the sign that your vibration is rising is when your life becomes more and more challenging. Try not to view this as a negative thing – it’s an unavoidable thing that eventually takes you where you want to be!

In this world you really cannot have your cake and eat it too. You either stay stuck on the same level of vibration and experience no obstacles (or you run away from obstacles and still stay stuck), or you experience many obstacles enabling you to progress!

Therefore, try not to run away from problems like new-agers do, but view them as steps you must surmount to experience ever greater stages of awareness, ever higher vibration.

This attitude will not only help you to progress, but will remove a pernicious new-age belief of the necessity to run away from everything that smells of negativity.