V…x…ed people haven’t yet lost the connection to God – in my own experience.

The volunteer girl that I have on my farm at the moment was surely directed by God to find me, even though my profile on that volunteering website was expired. She came to my farm when I needed help the most. Surely she was directed by God. She was v…x…ed.

My mother is v…x…ed too. Yet I feel no spiritual change in her. She’s as she was, though now she has more health problems.

So I don’t think that v…x…ed people lost their connection to God. However, what I fear about these shots is that once people open themselves to one of them, it can be difficult to close the door to what’s to come, which might as well be the mark.

Once they say yes to a v….(cc)…e, they are likely to say yes to further things planned for them. This is a well-known psychological trick, widely practiced in the NLP community and by advertisers, and I’m sure by the psychos running the world as well. Once you agree to some request of some party, you are very likely to say yes to their further requests.

So what I think is happening is that these psychopaths running the world got people to agree to just a small part of what they will offer later. And it’s working. Those who agreed to get the first two doses (or a single dose) now feel forced to get a seasonal shot.

My mom says she has no choice, for example. She wants to travel, and she is likely to be denied it if she refuses to get the seasonal shot (she lives in the UK). I was upset to hear that, but not surprised. That was their plan all along. They lied to the people that once they get the shot, all will go back to normal. Now they lie to them that once they get seasonal shots, all their freedoms will be returned. We will see.

I think that even v…x…ed people still have a chance to escape. But it’s more difficult for them now, because they have already agreed to get the shots, and thus opened the door.

Those who have agreed clearly showed that they are not ready to wean themselves off the system. But they have to, unless they are okay with the mark. There’s still time till 2030 to get established somewhere off grid, or in some village. It’s time to stop trusting the system and start trusting God.

We still have the time to strengthen our connection to God so that It guides us all along. Trust in the system will result in deeper and deeper slavery and probably eventually the mark. Nobody is left without guidance, it’s just some people choose to trust the system rather than God and thus God can’t help them.

Some of us felt that all our lives were preparation for something great to come. Well maybe some of us are being prepared to help those who will want to free themselves from the system so that they don’t get the mark. Maybe we were being prepared to stand strong in our trust in God no matter what madness we see happening.

Trust in God takes time, like everything else in this world. A seed doesn’t grow into a tree overnight. For it to become very strong, the seedling needs nutrients and water, and to establish its roots deep into the soil. That’s what clear priorities do if they are kept over a long period of time. They get so established in you to the degree that you cannot change them anymore. So when the priorities are right, having God as the first place in your life, you would not betray It even when the situation is life-threatening.

There was a time – all your life – to get your priorities right. But even now there is still time – till 2030, when these psychos hope to have the whole of humanity completely in their grip.

The last thing I would like to ask is not to think that v…x…ed or unv…x…ed people are evil. It is the plan of the dark side to keep us hating each other. We have a common enemy to outsmart – we are not enemies. So whether you took it or not, you are my friend.

There’s no time to argue about what has already taken place. It’s the time to unify, get self-sufficient, and leave the rotten system altogether, for it to die from the lack of human contribution.

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