I have already shared how A New Earth book was written by Eckhart Tolle.

The book came into existence effortlessly, because it was already written in the spiritual form. So since Eckhart Tolle dwelt in the now, the book was able to easily come through him. This is the true creativity.

The surface mind is not creative. It can only contribute to the chaos and noise of the world with its “creations”. It just forms and reforms that which is; but true creativity is fresh perfection in one form or another that is able to manifest through you only if you give it a chance – if you allow yourself to dwell in that space which is thought-free.

True works of art are able to come when you still your mind and get in touch with your essence. That depth within is the sea of possibilities yet unmanifested; there are countless extraordinary pieces of art waiting to be manifested through the right vehicle.

The Universe is extremely creative; we can see that in the perfection and beauty of each flower. So many varieties, yet all of them are unique and perfect. 

Each flower is unique and perfect

The ego can never manifest such perfection. It just moulds and remoulds the stuff that is already manifest.

It accesses the common thought of humanity, and then, with your conscious help, it remoulds it to make seemingly new forms. But this only becomes one of many average creations that we are faced with each day.

It’s very rare to find a masterpiece that came through a human being in this world, and the masterpiece points to the fact that its maker was able to somehow access that deeper place beyond thought.

Maybe in the future that will not be so rare, but now we are blessed to mainly witness masterpieces directly created by the Universe, like trees, flowers and animals. 

Fennec fox - one of God's incredible creations

Fennec Fox – one of God’s incredible creations


Hopefully the humanity will wake up to be able to be co-creators. This would indeed create a new earth. Of course, it would not erase negative experiences as duality is an irreplaceable part of this existence, but it would surely create more depth, fulfillment and joy in this world. 

Michelangelo said: 

The best artist has that thought alone

Which is contained within the marble shell;

The Sculptor’s hand can only break the spell

To free figures slumbering in the stone.

The artist already saw his figures made; it’s not that he was thinking about how to carve this shape or that. The creation could not wait to manifest through his hands. That’s how his masterpieces came out. 

The Universe cannot wait to birth its perfect creations through humanity. So even if you dwell thought-free for a relatively short time, you may find an impulse forming within you to release something beautiful into existence.

It’s not that you consciously thought of that particular creation. But you are the right vehicle for that creation to come through. And it only takes very short time periods of no thought to experience this beautiful universal impulse to create. 

You will find that if you still your mind and dwell in the present moment, you will become much more creative within the period of days. 

This is my personal experience too. Currently I’m finding a plan forming in my mind, without any of my conscious intention, about one project.

I just dwell in stillness, and then I feel the universal impulse using my mind to create. The project is being formed now, and this is truly happening without any of my input.

I have no desire for any new way of life, I’m happy with the way that my life is now. But I think the Universe wants to manifest something through me, so I will see how this goes. 

And I think the reason this plan is so effortlessly unfolding in my mind now, is because I don’t have any surface mind’s desires; I just try to dwell in stillness as much as I can, and I enjoy living the way that I do. So nothing obscures that plan from being formed in my mind. 

If the surface mind is full of desires, and the person is never present, true creations cannot come through him or her. The absence of surface desires (absorbed through the culture, media, other people, etc.) allows a person to become aware of the particular form the Universe wants to manifest through the individual. 

Eckhart Tolle says that creative people, knowingly or not, somehow manage to access the thoughtless space. And I think that this coupled with the absence of desires allows an individual to quickly become the vehicle to express something he’s perfect for. 

Eckhart says that the way works of art effortlessly manifest through some people from stillness has nothing to do with channeling. It’s not that some being takes over to do work through you; it’s the impulse of the Universe that urges your hands to work in some way. You decide whether you allow that impulse to be fulfilled or not.

So this is how true creativity manifests. Trying to create through your surface mind can only manifest more noise and mediocrity in the world. Real masterpieces come from the universal impulse which is allowed to become known to you through your mind, if you only stay thought-free.