The last surviving owner of my farmhouse (who recently died, and that’s why the property was sold) was a Catholic lady. She pretty much had only Catholic-approved books, with the exception of some very useful Lithuanian herbal healing books which I can’t wait to read.

The only other “heretical” book she owned was the one I’m going to write about here. It was written by a Catholic seer, the man who was able to see the energy fields and the causes of human diseases and unhappiness.

The name of this man is Jonas Morkunas, and the name of his book in Lithuanian is “Zmogaus Gyvenimo Nesekmiu Bei Susirgimu Priezastys Ir Galimybes Ju Isvengti”. Yes, it’s a long title, which, translated into English, sounds something like “The Causes of Human Misofortunes and Diseases, and the Ways To Avoid Them”.

Since this man was born a Catholic, and he acknowledges knowing nothing much about other religions, his seeing will be biased in some way. However, I found the vast majority of was he said very true, so I’m going to share this with you.

This man is able to see the causes of human diseases and misfortunes not only because of their energy fields, but the direct past life causes. Being a Catholic, he doesn’t acknowledge past lives and says that those are the deeds of some past generations.

For example, he may see, upon examining the aura of a person, some scene of a medieval warrior killing someone. So this is a picture that is open to different interpretations. He interprets that as some distant relative, as in the Catholic faith reincarnation is not believed in.

So reading this book, it’s important to keep his religious upbringing in mind.

He says that we may suffer in life because of the transgressions of past generations. I do believe that one of the causes of human suffering is indeed that. But I believe that a soul incarnates into certain families because of its own past deeds. So I think both, your past life is the cause of some of what you are going through, as well as what you may have inherited from the family you belong to.

This author claims that we can remove the causes of our suffering by praying to be forgiven, by turning away from such ways of living, and by never repeating those misdeeds again. Then the paths for the dark side to control us will be closed, and diseases and misfortunes will be no more.

So according to this author, all human miseries are directly caused by transgressions – be them of their own, or even the past generations’. That’s because we are spiritually tied with our relatives. That’s why it’s very important to pray for their transgressions to be forgiven as well.

There are certain universal laws living in harmony with which we will be secure and provided for. We don’t need, therefore, in prayer, to ask for anything material, for health or security. This is naturally our lot – we only fail to receive these blessings because we are in the grip of darkness. If we don’t transgress, therefore, we will have natural protection and resources will reach us when it is required.

There are many ways to open oneself to the dark side. Cheating, hurting others and even hurting yourself provide such openings. The worse the transgression, the more the dark side can control you. And if people no longer feel sorry for their committed crimes and keep repeating them, the dark side can start totally ruling them, and they become helpless tools of it.

Such people can even get immense riches, if this can serve to do more harm to others. So never should we look at the wealth of the evil ones and think that they have some kind of blessing from God. This wealth comes from darkness, which can also give them other “gifts” to be used against humanity, like great intelligence in doing something that harms others.

A human being, according to this author, is allowed to sin a little, because we are not perfect. But when that allowance is overfilled, the dark side can start harming us. That’s why, he says, it’s very important to ask in prayer to be forgiven all your transgressions and to be given the wisdom to see what actions are the causes of getting onto the side of darkness.

He says that we even have to pray for the forgiveness of those who hurt us, because those people are blind, not really knowing what they are doing. Since humanity is connected, when we pray for the forgiveness of others, we are also forgiven, and when we help others, we are also helped.

The reason some people do not get what they pray for is either because they have shut themselves out from light with their deeds and therefore God’s blessings can’t reach them, or because if they would receive what they want, they would harm themselves or others with that.

For example, some people pray for wealth, but would they really get it, their ego would grow exponentially, or they may start living a morally loose life and therefore get shut away from the light. So this is a way to protect them, by not giving them their wishes.

If you are morally upright and are able to handle more resources, and if this is in your destiny, you will surely be given them – no need to pray for that. The author says that the only things that people need to pray for are to be forgiven for their sins and to be given wisdom. And true repentance is not by crying and saying what a sinner you are, but by committing to never make that mistake again. So praying for strength in resisting that which is of darkness is also useful.

Darkness also tricks people into getting shut away from the light by keeping them in guilt, and if they don’t love themselves. Guilt, as the author explains, is a negative emotion directed at yourself so that you are destroyed. Both, harming others, and harming your own self, are of darkness, and should be avoided at all costs.

Guilt doesn’t serve any purpose. It’s beating yourself down. The thing that really helps, however, is to start a new page in life, where you live in light and love, and never commit bad deeds again. This is true repentance.

The author claims, and this is something I’m on the fence about, that people who are in some way baptized receive much more protection from God. He says baptism can be done not only in the Christian tradition but in other spiritual traditions as well. So I guess for Hindus, that would be immersing themselves in the river Ganga, or going through some fire purification ceremony.

The author claims that abortion opens you to the dark side, and your health and luck can be taken away then. But it’s possible to take it all back, by acknowledging the transgression, asking for its forgiveness, and never committing such an act again. And both, the woman and her partner should ask for forgiveness, as both of their lives can be destroyed because of this deed.

He says that the only safe way not to have any negative spiritual consequences during the act of sex is when the couple has sex when a woman is unable to get pregnant. This would be during her infertile days. He says that even if a couple uses contraceptives, during the moment of orgasm (I assume when a woman is in her fertile time), a human soul can be created, but it will be without a body.

He says that hormones, one of the contraception methods, harm the body and, released into the earth through sewage, get into the water supply and cause men to become more female-like.

The author also claims that it’s possible to get your sins all cleared if your connection with God is strong, and your sins – small. But if you have a weak connection to God and your sins are big, then you need a third person to pray for you. This person has to have a strong connection to God and should be living a pure life.

That’s why, he says, priests are there. If they live pure lives, they can pray for you. And those priests don’t have to be Christian – they can be of any faith.

The author mentions that you can also heal fully if you reach a very high level of connection to God. This is similar to what Buddhists say. When you meditate very often and over a long period of time, eventually you reach a stage where all the diseases start spontaneously healing.

He also talks about curses. He says curses can be placed on all future generations, and you can only avoid them if you live a pure life. Then the natural protection you have from God will not allow you to receive the misfortunes as a result of the placed curse. But once you go over the allowed sin limit and the opening is made to the dark side, you will get that curse too.

So it’s important to always review your day before sleep, ask for forgiveness for your sins, and ask for the sins of the past generations to be forgiven, and any curses put on them lifted.

He says that the reason bad people die sooner is because life itself tries to get rid of them so that they don’t poison the entire humanity tree. Yet, and this is my addition, those people who are the total tools of darkness, probably can be kept living long because of the powers given to them by the dark side. Maybe they no longer even belong to the humanity tree, if they are totally not in light.

The natural progress of life should be birth, growth, and slow deterioration, followed by a peaceful death. But if big diseases plague a person, this is not natural, and the causes of this self-destruction should be sought in a person’s thoughts, deeds, and emotions.

Frequent negative emotions, lack of forgiveness, and wishing others harm all turn against the human body, giving birth to difficult conditions. Even stress can give birth to serious illnesses, if a person is not active enough to burn off the excess adrenaline.

Unfortunately, the author acknowledges, people who really need this information are the least likely to really understand what this book is about. They are simply unwilling to change their habitual actions, emotions or thoughts.

I myself have felt the distorted energy fields of people who are very sick. But those people are the least likely to really listen and take in such teachings. They would rather blame others, or anything really, just not look at what’s within.

I dearly loved an old lady who used to pretty much always stay in India. She had recurring cancer. I felt the reason for it – it’s jealousy of those who are young, able to really enjoy what India offers. Any negative emotion stored long enough will cause a disease.

The author says that at first, the illness starts in the brain. This is not surprising, because different parts of the brain control different body parts. When nothing is done at that level, and the person continues in darkness, eventually that sick part of the brain starts affecting the body part it controls.

So I’m going to stop summarizing the book here. I read half of it so far.

I hope you’ve found this useful. You may also want to watch an accompanying video, as it’s likely that I missed some of the information in this summary. In the video, I’m directly translating the excerpts of the book, whilst here I’ve only covered the topics from my memory.

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