When the ruler of the sixth house is in the sixth house, this shows a strong placement whose meaning will very much depend on its condition.

If the placement is unafflicted, it can show that you have the talents in the health and medical fields. For example, you may be able to heal people, or you may be attracted to some medical profession.

Alternatively, you may be attracted to the professions such as that of a dietician, fitness instructor, or a cook. You may be focused on the food that you eat and you may try to keep your body healthy.

You can have good organizational abilities, thus you can work with documents, and where attention to detail is required. You may also be suitable for the job of a critic.

You would be very much focused on work and being of service, and you are likely to select a useful job. You would also be focused on your daily routines. You would be organized both at work and at home, and it could be difficult for you to stay in messy environments.

You are likely to benefit from hiring help at home. If people work under you, they are likely to be tidy, organized, and helpful.

If the combination is afflicted, this would show chronic health problems, and your attention will be on health not to keep the body healthy, but to restore the body back to health.

An afflicted combination as such may also show that you will have to work under others even though you would like to work for yourself. It could show that you will need to work hard or frequently, and that this may negatively impact your health.

This kind of afflicted combination may also show that you would try to avoid work, but it would not be possible. It could also reveal that there is an imbalance in your organizational ability; such as being tidy at work, but messy at home.

You are likely to be critical of others and yourself, and this can alienate people from you.

Also, an afflicted combination may show that you are bored with routine and your life is always the same, but it’s difficult to escape such a reality. It would also warn against hiring domestic help and choosing other people to work under you, as these people may prove unreliable and lazy.

The ruler of the sixth house in the sixth house will make the following areas more prominent in your life: health or the lack of it, routines, work, and organization.