When the ruler of the sixth house is in the seventh house, this can mean a few possible things about your other half.

For example, your partner may be focused on health, whether because of chronic illnesses, or because they want to keep their body in perfect health for as long as possible. They may be interested in following healthy routines and exercise.

They may also be particular about the food that they eat, such as them being vegan or vegetarian.

Another interpretation of this placement is that they may be interested in the medical profession. Other suitable occupations for them would be a personal trainer, a cook of healthy meals, and a personal assistant.

They are likely to have a good eye for detail, and they should be organized, unless this combination is afflicted. If it is, it means that they may be organized in one area of their lives, and messy in another.

The same descriptions may also apply to your business partners and to your public opponents.

Some old astrologers believed that the ruler of the sixth house in the seventh house gives public lawsuits with the people working under you, and that it can give chronic illnesses not only to your other half, but to you, too.

It can also show that the people who work under you, such as domestic staff, can either become your best friends or worst enemies, depending on the quality of this placement. In the worst case, the people working under you can physically harm you. In any case, the interactions between you may be intense.

This placement can reveal that you will have a higher standing in life than your intimate or business partners. This could manifest in terms of you holding a better position, getting a bigger pay, being more knowledgeable, and the like.