When the ruler of the sixth house is in the second house, this means that your money will come through your own work. For farmers, such a combination would mean that money comes through their animals.

An afflicted placement would reveal that savings and possessions may be lost because of poor health. If you are a farmer, your income may be lessened by keeping animals on your farm (except for large animals such as horses, which should be judged from the twelfth house and its ruler’s placement).

If the combination is not afflicted, it simply means gaining money through normal employment. Also, if you employ any people, such as having house cleaners, you may experience more loss than gain through them with the afflicted placement. However, if the combination is without afflictions, this may show reliable and hardworking people working under you.

(Because the sixth house is considered a negative house, sometimes even the ruler of this house placed in a suitable sign in the second house without afflicting rays causes losses. So it’s not guaranteed that employing others will cause gains – you’ll need to check your past experiences of people working under you to really know.)

The money can be increased through regular work, and it will reduce if you either do not have a regular employment or you are irregular in your employment. Also, to make even more income, you need to check the placements of benefics, and if they are strong, to check what they tell you in symbols of possible profitable activities.