When the ruler of the sixth house is in the ninth house, this shows that you must be careful when traveling, especially to another country.

You may get sick abroad, such as your existing illnesses becoming worse, you may get sick with new illnesses or injure yourself. If the combination is afflicted, even if you take health precautions, your health can still be affected for the worse during your travels.

This placement can also show that the people working under you may be from abroad, and your pets may also have the roots not of your own country.

The ruler of the sixth house in the ninth house can show that you prefer health routines and medical treatments that originated far from your place of birth. For example, if you were born in the West, you may be interested in the health practices and healing of the East.

Also, you may base some other daily routines of yours on the principles and practices of some foreign culture.

This astrological placement sometimes shows that you may go abroad to study about health, some healthy routines such as exercise or healthy eating, illnesses or medicine. Alternatively, it may mean that you may have a higher education in any of these subjects.

On rare occasions, it may mean that you can publish a book on the mentioned topics. It could also mean taking someone to court for some injury or because of the worsening of your health. It can mean taking your domestic staff or other people working for you to court.

It can show legal problems because of the people working under you, or your pets. If you live on a farm, it can show legal problems because of your animals, such as maybe you keeping some animals that are not allowed in your area.

With an unafflicted placement as such, it means that your daily routines and health problems make you grow. And also, you can learn a great deal from the people who work under you, as well as your pets.