When the ruler of the sixth house is in the eleventh house, this means that some of your goals in life could be something to do with your work, body health, or healthy eating.

If the combination is not afflicted, you are likely to achieve your goals about work, body health or healthy eating.

This placement can mean that some of your friends may have chronic health problems, whilst others could be focused on maintaining their health through exercise or how they eat. Some of your friends could be always working, having almost no free time to do anything else.

This astrological configuration shows that your regular income will come through your own work (rather than inheritances, for example, though this could still be the case – the other factors would need to be looked at in the chart).

Also, you may find receiving a regular income from the topics such as medicine, health, diseases, food and exercise. The more regular you are at work, the more stable your income will be.

If the combination is afflicted, the ruler of the sixth house in the eleventh house can mean that the achievement of your goals can be hindered by your health problems or even the work that you do. Whilst if the combination is not afflicted, the opposite can be the case, and you can achieve your goals by caring for your health, having regular healthy routines, and also by being consistent at work.

If other factors do not oppose the meaning of this configuration, it can mean that you will achieve your goals through your own hard or regular work, rather than through relying on others. Yet if some people work under you, and this combination is not afflicted, they can also be instrumental in the achievement of some of your desires.

This placement can mean that one of your goals in life could be to have people working under you, or to have pets. It can also mean that people working under you, such as domestic staff, could be your friends; or that they will eventually become your friends.

This placement also reveals the consequences of socializing. For example, if the combination is afflicted, it can mean that too much socializing can lead to the worsening of your health. However, if the combination is not afflicted, it can mean that socializing can lead to job opportunities, yet also increased responsibilities.