The ruler of the second house in the third house means you are likely to generate a good income if you stay in your place of birth – the closer to where you were born, the better.

This placement also means that there will be an exchange between you and your siblings, such as them financially supporting you, giving you gifts, advice, and help.

The same applies to your relationship with neighbors. They (siblings and neighbors) may even help to build your wealth or acquire the comforts of life.

If you have money issues, you are likely to again turn to your siblings or neighbors. They will be useful in helping you out not only financially, but if you need advice or any other help.

But this help can also come from you – if your neighbors or siblings are in any kind of trouble, you are likely to give them your resources of whatever form. You may also support your local community, be it financially, by dedicating your time to it, talking or writing about it, or in any other way.

Also, your money and movable goods may be in some ways tied with your neighborhood and/or siblings.

The second house lord in the third house shows you can earn a good living by selecting an occupation which involves driving, moving within your own country, and being always on the go. For example, the occupations can be a journalist, a delivery driver, or a national tour guide.

If you don’t select an occupation that’s interesting and involves many changes, you may consciously or unconsciously cause that job to end. So with this placement, if you want to have a long-lasting business or employment, select the one that you will never get bored with.

Also, a job that involves communication in any form is good for you, such as that of a writer or a talk show host. It is also ideal if you can continuously learn and grow in your position. You can make a good income by being a teacher too.

If you have money problems, this will be seen in how you communicate with others. Finances will be very important to you, and you will think about money or your belongings a lot.

As you spiritually grow, these thoughts will be replaced by those about the expansion of your skills, gaining knowledge, and finding truth.