The placement of the ruler of the second house in the seventh house shows that your money will come from partnerships, such as business or intimate. Marriage, therefore, can bring money, and a big motivation for marriage could indeed be financial security.

You are going to benefit from having business partners. You may even somehow profit from those you consider your enemies, or who think this way about you. However, if the combination is afflicted, you will be motivated to make partnerships, but gains from them are not guaranteed.

You may succeed in the occupations which involve contract signing, dealing directly with the public, couple counselling, marriage or business partnership formations, and resolving conflicts.

You will do well in sales (especially those sales situations where you have to deal with one person at a time), and the employments dealing with opponents such as in war or disagreement negotiations, and the employments where you have to fine people for one reason or another.

You are likely to be skilled at winning arguments and making disharmonious situations work to your advantage.

You are likely to spend the money earned on your other half, or very close friends. You may be quite possessive of your spouse or best friends.

The placement of the second house lord in the seventh house makes you seek security, especially a financial one, in relationships such as business partnerships or marriage, but with greater development, the security will be sought in the Divine only.

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