If the ruler of the second house is in your second house, it means that you have a natural ability to make money, and that you are already wealthy, or will become so. Even if this astrological combination is afflicted, you will still not lack in your life.

You are coming into this life with a big skillset already, and all your life you will expand it. What kind of skillset it is is determined by the sign and planets residing in the second house of your natal chart.

You will be a naturally acquisitive person, and learning more knowledge, improving your skills as well as earning more money will be big motivations in your life. You absolutely need financial security to feel okay in life, and more than that – you need to be secure in your abilities to feel at peace with yourself.

You are a highly resourceful and self-sufficient person, and your ability to survive and to come up with inventive ways to make money most greatly show ups when life presents a sudden change, such as the change of location, job, and so forth.

You enjoy the comfortable things in life, and unless you’re awakened, you will be consumed in the pursuit to make your life more comfortable and pleasurable. But if you spiritually awaken, it’s not the worldly goods that you will be focused on, but spiritual riches, and your value system.

So whether you accumulate worldly or spiritual goods, accumulate you will. The danger in this position is to be fully focused on making money, to the extent that money becomes your God. It’s important to first invest in spiritual riches, as this is something that you take into the afterlife.

So as long as you’re not awakened, you’ll attempt to do all you can to build a permanent base on this earth, to assure for yourself much comfort and worldly security. But when you awaken, your energy will go into strengthening your spiritual base through acquiring spiritual teachings and applying them.