The placement of the ruler of the second house in the ninth house means you can make money from international travel, dealing with foreign people and cultures, by living abroad (like teaching your language abroad, for example), and through writing and publishing.

You can also become established in scientific or spiritual institutions and make a good income. A suitable profession would be writing about meditation, dream interpretation, having a spirituality blog, painting your visions, or having a spiritual publishing house.

You are a natural teacher, and probably a dedicated student. You will be excellent at teaching students the subjects of law, religion, international matters of any sort, and science. Teaching at a university is very suitable.

You will profit from anything related to the airline industry, tour operations (especially long-distance), sea voyages, and language exchanges.

The placement of the second house ruler in the ninth house shows you came into this world with spiritual treasures, and you may become wise beyond your years. When life becomes challenging, you rely on your resource of faith and hope.

If this astrological combination is afflicted, this produces people who make money from extreme views, like having some sort of cult. These people are stubborn and totally focused on their opinions, not being able to see beyond their stance.

You can quickly spiritually grow through absorbing spiritual information and surrendering your life to the Divine. You are naturally devotional, and through your respect to that which is sacred, you spiritually blossom.

Whatever you are interested in (and those interests usually center on spirituality), you will go far to find it. You may even travel long-distance to get some sort of information. You are more interested in the information guarded by or originating from the cultures that are exotic.

You are likely to have a higher education, but whether it was successfully completed depends on the situation of this astrological combination.