The ruler of the second house in the first house means that it’s easy for you to make money. Money-making ideas, offers and opportunities come easily to you. You are a very resourceful and skilled person.

Self-reliance is something you were born with. You often think of ways to make more money or to improve your skills. You may be investing a lot of time in gaining skills and knowledge.

People are aware of your inner resourcefulness, and can react to that by either getting your advice, seeking your help, or looking up to you as a teacher and guide.

You are smart about your money unless this astrological combination is afflicted. If it’s so, even though you may be a little financially reckless, good luck makes you avoid major financial misfortunes.

With age, you are likely to become wealthy. And if the combination is afflicted, you will still not be lacking in your life. It’s the kind of astrological combination that makes resources and wealth come to you with little work.

This combination also shows gain by being you, by displaying your personality and skills. Therefore, being in the public eye can attract wealth, good luck and success.

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