The placement of the ruler of the second house in the eighth house means you are likely to inherit money or property. You may gain legacies not only from your parents or relatives, but even from the people who were quite distant from you.

You may be the one in charge of or using the money of your spouse.

Your employment, or how you make money, can be something to do with death, like funerals. You can also make your occult interests into business, and if you are employed as a researcher or investigator of any sort, this occupation can be profitable for you.

Working in banking suits you too, or in any other field where you manage the resources of others. Being an accountant may be quite profitable too.

The second house lord positioned in the eighth house shows you possess skills to delve into the meaning of life, to go deep into spiritual or occult doctrines. This makes you able to either speak in detail about such topics, or write comprehensive works.

In fact, whatever you are interested in, you can go really deep into the subject. You are not interested in the surface stuff, so even if the subject is new, you quickly delve deep into it, and gain knowledge that a few possess.

You can profit from deeply life-changing, and even traumatic events and catastrophes make you reborn. So always look at how to benefit from any kind of misfortune, as it won’t be difficult to do.

You have the skills to help people who are in debt, anxious, or depressed. You may even easily learn the practices such as exorcism, clearing properties of spirits, and other practices that are considered scary or dangerous by the masses.

Though most people feel like taxes are a drain, in your case, you may find a way to benefit from them. And the same applies to loans and debts. Either you can use these to your advantage (such as taking a loan when you know you’re going to make much more money as a result), or you can have the employment that is about such subjects.

If this combination is afflicted, it’s not uncommon that such people find themselves in debt. Thus, it’s very important with the ruler of the second house being placed in the eighth house (which is a house of debt) to avoid debt at all costs, unless you really know what you are doing (such as, like I told already, getting a loan as you know this will profit you).

If you have no financial education and you are not business-savvy, avoid debt no matter what. It’s better to live a simpler life than a life that looks good, but drains you. So though you can profit from the debts of others (such as by working in the banking sector), you’re likely to suffer if you have the habit of living above your means.

You may fear getting into debt, and such fear may actually manifest such a reality. So instead of thinking this way, make sure you always spend less than you make.

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