The ruler of the first house in the tenth house shows a person who can achieve success early in life. Of course, a lot depends on the whole chart, but if the chart is good, this person can indeed become successful very early.

If the natal chart isn’t good, the person will have many opportunities to succeed, but will somehow misuse them.

If you have this chart combination, your focus will be external, unless other chart factors oppose. This kind of rulership often produces a native to whom the public opinion is very important, and they strive to look good to the world.

This can manifest as looking after their personal appearance, achieving high status in life, holding a good job or having one’s own business, and at least outwardly adhering to the societal standards.

Sometimes, this astrological combination produces an anxious person, because you may inflate the importance of how you look to the world, and feel inadequate; as no matter how much you try to look good to the world, you can’t reach your standards of perfection.

This kind of planetary combination shows that the father features strongly in life, or the influence of the father (or the lack of him) shaped you. You may be very similar to the father.

(However, if it was the mother that was in charge of the household, these previous descriptions will apply to her.)

You are likely to have a powerful aura, and opportunities come your way often. It’s easier for you than for most people to achieve renown and gain public respect. However, since your actions are very much seen by the public, your misdeeds will also be highlighted, and therefore, you can either gain fame or infamy.

Your talents will show up early in life, and you will find it quite easy to develop your abilities. Opportunities will present themselves for the improving of your skills, and also the ways to employ them for gain.

For many people, there are a few excellent opportunities that come their way, and if they don’t take them, there are no major gifts from the Universe sent. However, for you, the ways to gain name, wealth and happiness will be there all your life.

But that doesn’t mean that your life will be a success – unless you take those opportunities and make use of them. I know of a person with this combination who has opportunities on every corner, but his life is average, as he puts no effort to even take them.

Because of the abundance of opportunities coming your way, you may have an early career, early marriage, early success, and so forth. That is, if you make use of the universal gifts sent your way.

Although achieving fame or success may be easy for you, whether you’ll keep it depends on how you manage it. The natives having the first house ruler in the tenth house can be the public examples of success, but also – the fall from it.

You may receive offers to take up the positions of responsibility, whether you deserve them or not. People of high social status notice you and help you out.

Unless the rest of the chart disagrees, you should be a business-minded, professional and serious person. Worldly achievement may be your important goal, and even your entire life can be dedicated to get to the top.

You like to be in charge, therefore it can be difficult for you to function in a subservient position. This is good for the business world as it pushes you to the top. However, with relationships, this aspect of your life may suffer because you’ll always seek to have the upper hand.

If you take care of your health, you are likely to have a long life. You will need to take care of your bones, knees and skin health.

Your skin may lose elasticity quite early, so make sure you regularly moisturize it. Be careful about overusing your knees, (like in weight-lifting), as this may cause you to have knee problems later in life.