The ruler of the first house in the seventh house means the native is relationship-oriented. Such people have a natural ability to understand others, and to see the situation from the perspective of another person.

This makes them able to function well when cooperation is required. They can be very good at work that requires negotiation, agreements, document signing, convincing others, and selling. They should work very well in any position that requires facing the public, such as a receptionist, for example.

The weak point of these people is that they may not know themselves. They understand their needs and wants through the interactions with other people. But if they get into the wrong company, they may be easily manipulated. These people are often easy to hypnotize and influence.

If they really care for someone, they can sacrifice their happiness just to be with that person. They may be afraid of loneliness and may settle for someone less than ideal just so that they have a company. They feel their best when they are approved of and their self-esteem can really suffer if someone criticizes them.

They can adapt to a wide variety of characters, making them able to get along to a wide range of people. They are likely to be very much loved by their other half because of who they are (agreeable and flexible), and may sacrifice a lot to keep the relationship happy.

But if they are continuously mistreated, they may start distancing themselves from their partners, telling lies about why they aren’t with them, rather than explaining the bitter truth that they no longer want to stay together.

It’s easy for them to get into relationships, so they don’t stay single for long. They usually look after their appearance, and this, coupled with good manners, produces a charming individual who always has admirers.

Harmonious relationships and also suchlike environments are important for these natives. If they are not in harmonious surroundings and with supportive people, their entire life quality suffers. They are very sensitive to disharmony of any sort. They may go to great lengths to avoid arguments and confrontations, therefore, unless other opposite astrological factors are stronger than this combination.

Because of their love of harmony, they may also do well in jobs that require its maintenance or creation, such as working in the law sector, beauty or architecture professions.

They find it difficult to make up their minds, and for that, a well-meaning and helpful partner is a must. Otherwise, left by themselves, these people can take ages to make a final decision, and even when they do, they may doubt it’s the right one. This is because they can see the matters from all sides, so they always have several equally valid options to choose from.

This makes them good couple counselors, able to see where both parties are coming from. They are also good listeners, and even without listening, they have good intuition about who the other person is. These people can master this ability to such a degree that they can influence other people without them knowing of this at all; they can get people to act how they want by knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

(However, this only applies to those natives who have really worked on themselves. Otherwise, this ability will be left untapped, and they will be, by default, easily influenced by others.)

These people may find it difficult to see what’s best for them, because they are so much focused on relationships. Therefore, they may sometimes be their own worst enemies, causing their own problems and blocks. This they can avoid by only staying with the people who genuinely care for the natives, and by trying as much as possible to develop themselves, especially spiritually.

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