If the ruler of your first house is in the ninth house, you have a natural love for learning. Education is very important to you, but so is spirituality.

However, whether you can learn anything you wish depends on the situation with your ninth house and its ruler.

The same applies to spirituality. Though you are a spiritual person, whether your spiritual beliefs are healthy or you are a spiritual extremist, depends on your ninth house situation and the condition of its ruler.

At some point in your life, you may become devotional and deeply spiritual/religious, if you are not so at the moment.

This astrological situation shows that either you are already wise, or you have the capacity in this life to develop wisdom. The pursuit of wisdom will be important to you, and you may view your whole life as a series of lessons.

If you have the ruler of the first house in the ninth house, it often indicates a life abroad. There comes a time when you will need to permanently leave your country to establish yourself somewhere else, usually on another continent.

And if who don’t, you should still travel a great deal (especially to far-away countries, like in other continents), and if you can’t even do that, you will be an avid reader of travel books, and you’ll watch travel vlogs and shows.

This kind of astrological placement shows the love of exploring unknown places and having new experiences, and often the love of nature. Freedom is very important to you, and if your movements are restricted because of duties or the lack of funds, you can be truly miserable.

Ninth house is the house of in-laws, thus it is shows the nature of your interactions and perhaps the elevated importance of such interactions. Whether they be positive or negative depends on the condition of the ruler of the first house in the ninth house and related factors.

The natives with such an astrological combination have a natural interest in things international, and they may have the natural ability to learn new languages. Usually, these people interact with foreigners a lot, and like them more than the people of their own nationality, unless the mentioned combination is afflicted.

These people are suitable to work in educational fields, for airlines (and in other international places) and spiritual establishments.

The weakness of these people is that they love teaching to the extent that they may give advice when not asked for. Also, they may be stuck in their opinions, not seeing that some things they believe in are incorrect. From this combination, sometimes a group of persons is born who think they are always right.

These people risk losing themselves in spiritual cults and spending precious time for unworthy causes, because once they believe in something and invest in it, it’s very difficult for them to see the flaws in it. However, since they also love truth, some get out even of the strongest clutches of extremisms and false structures.

You can access higher levels of information, receive visions and get lots of inspiration when you think positively. You are likely to dream a lot, and in color.

With this combination active, you will be a seeker, striving to understand the self and this reality. You will deal a lot with belief systems, either getting stuck in them, or evolving, dropping them, taking on new beliefs, and then seeing through them all for what they are.

You’ll be attracted to the things that expand your mind, like reading, courses of different kinds, traveling, dealing with different cultures, and suchlike. The greatest potential that is shown by this combination is you gaining a true understanding of this reality through a lifetime of exploration within and without.

With such an astrological combination, you may enjoy writing, and you may have the talent to write books. There is a possibility with this combination being not afflicted to achieve some renown abroad, or to do with teaching, writing, education, law, religion, and international relations.

Since this astrological combination points to your hips, depending on afflictions or the lack of them, either it shows some health problems in your hips, or that your hips are strong and well-shaped.

You are likely to have strong legs and like walking long-distances, unless the combination if afflicted. And even if it’s afflicted, you may still like to do these things, but the walks may result in bruises and falls.

There could be a highlighted relationship between you and the opponents, friends and spouses of your siblings.

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