The first house ruler being placed in the fifth house is a sign of a dramatic and creative person who will be the happiest if they make their hobby into their occupation.

Ideally, work should seem like play, and they should be given the freedom of self-expression at work to feel their best.

These people are natural entertainers and they are usually good with children. They may want to have their own children, to play with them, or to engage with them in their work. They seek to make themselves different from others through their talents, activities, and sometimes offspring.

Depending on the planetary combination involved, these people can be risk-takers and have gambling tendencies. This is especially true if the Apollo finger is abnormally long, which is the ring finger ruled by the Sun (the traditional ruler of the fifth house is the Sun). Also, if Saturn is insignificant in the chart, and therefore the middle (Saturn) finger is small or short, this again shows the lack of responsibility, thus the risk-taking and gambling tendencies will be pronounced even more.

These natives are self-confident, sometimes too much. Some are proud and tend to exaggerate in their speech. Some of these natives love games and entertainment, and want to have large families. Again, whether they will be responsible parents is not guaranteed – one should look at Saturn, the fifth house situation, and the rest of the chart to conclude.

These people are pleasure, amusement, entertainment, and creativity-oriented. Many of them have effortless talents. If the first-fifth house situation is good, it denotes a self-confident, talented, and highly charismatic individual, ready to take necessary risks to have happiness in life.

If the combination is afflicted, it can show a careless risk-taker and gambler, still charming and interesting, but not to be trusted; the one who is all for having a good time, but is nowhere to be found when responsibilities get involved.

These people may agree to use mind-altering substances for social reasons and can have a difficult time saying no to pleasures. Actors, musicians, painters, entertainers, school teachers can have this combination present in their charts. These people usually possess much charm and therefore are noticed in the crowd.

They cannot be called serious people, their spirit is ever young, and they tend to keep interest in life till old age. They can be competitive and strive to be the center of attention. If the combination is afflicted, they may be egocentric, even sociopaths, doing all they can to gain the attention of others. Another bad manifestation of such a combination can be someone who takes an unhealthy interest in children.

Because of personal charisma, they can become leaders in a group. Often they are optimistic and inspire others with their can-do attitude.

They are flirtatious and need someone interesting and devoted to keep them loyal. They like the spotlight, so if the other half doesn’t give them enough attention, they may seek it somewhere else. However, if they are loved and adored by the loved one, they are not likely to stray, unless the fifth house combination is afflicted and Saturn is not strong.

The motivation of these natives is to create, have fun, and entertain others through their creations.