The ruler of the first house in the eleventh house shows that you are a friendly person and that your dreams and hopes can come true very early in your life.

Unless other chart factors disagree, you are an extroverted person who needs friendships to feel truly fulfilled. You process your mental stuff through your friends – you need them to reflect your thoughts and ideas back at you, so that you digest them.

Your friends reflect your own personality. You may be part of a social group, and you may feel at ease in gatherings. You may also have a group of friends whom you trust and regularly meet.

You are likely to be inclusive and tolerant, and it’s hard for you to understand those who are racists and extremists. You may be the one setting trends in your group of friends, community, or even people at large.

Some people may follow you for those trends, and some – because you inspire them. Some may follow you to act on the tips that you share with them, as you have the gift of predicting future trends and what will happen in the world.

You are tuned into the current needs of the society, and you may come up with some inventions and ideas that quicken the evolution of humanity. It is easy to like you because you are friendly and inclusive.

Among your friends, you’ll have those who give sound advice, but there will also be those who will only say what you like to hear. Some people may flatter you so that you accept them in your circles.

However, if this astrological combination is afflicted, it may cause you trouble from friends as well as because of joining groups. Not wanting to be alone, yet being negatively influenced by those whom you know, that would be a truly tricky situation.

However, even with good friends, be careful not to get lost in a group consciousness – one of the spiritual tasks for you in this life is to function within the group, yet be a fully individualized unit of consciousness, inspiring others to be likewise.

It is very beneficial for you to set clear goals, as you can achieve them fast. Although the law of attraction works for all, you are given extra planetary help to achieve your dreams.

Therefore, get very clear about what you want. Don’t set contradictory goals. Write your goals down, visualize them, and then dismiss them from your mind. You may soon get inspiration about what action to take to achieve what you want.

You must regularly move, because you may have circulation problems later in life, especially in lower legs. You are not advised to have a job that involves a lot of standing.

This kind of astrological position shows the need to give back to the society. So you may choose a career that’s useful to the society at large, or your community. You may feel responsibility in doing your part for the well-being of humanity or your community.

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