The ruler of the first house in the eighth house means that the person is very intense. These people don’t like small talk and shallow people.

These people take life seriously, and when they are interested in something, the interest is deep, sometimes to the point of obsession. Because of this peculiar feature, if they choose as their career something that they really love, they become experts in their work, being sought by many.

These people have the understanding and ability to manage the resources of others. Therefore, sometimes the people with the ruler of the first house in the eighth house can be found in banking institutions. Not only can they manage the money of other people well, but they can do so with any resources that others possess, such as talents and material goods.

Because of this ability, they are excellent at taking what other people already created and putting a unique twist on them to make it their own. Also, because of this feature, they can be excellent at writing encyclopedias and similar books where knowledge has to be gathered from different sources. But for this to be possible, a birth chart also has to show good organizational skills.

These people are not afraid of subjects others stay away from, such as taboo matters, or things that deal with death and darkness. Almost all of such natives are deeply interested in what happens after death and the occult. Those who haven’t awakened yet would be terrified of death. In fact, dying would be their biggest fear. Sometimes the awakening of these people happens after some incident where they are brought close to death.

These natives awaken, develop and are reborn through life-changing experiences that can be traumatic, bring them close to death, or are huge and unexpected. They can open themselves up to the spirit world through occult and other means, but they are likely to face not only the good but the dark aspects of the spirit world, too.

Such natives very often have spirit guardians that are deceased relatives or family members. Their father’s or mother’s side may have occult blood running in their veins, therefore some supernatural things may follow them.

They receive inheritances from their spouses. If the Sun is in the eighth house, they receive inheritances from their fathers. If the Moon – mothers. But even if luminaries are not present there, they can still receive inheritance from the family.

Some kings and queens have this chart combination because they are heirs to the wealth of the family and live off the resources of the public. The ruler of the first house in the eighth house can also signify that the native will inherit not only the family’s money or property but also their traits, and a good or bad name of the family.

This combination means that mutual funds are of great importance to them and they grow and are transformed through the events associated with mutual funds. If the native is not developed, they will be too interested in mutual funds, to the degree that they may financially drain their loved one, or from whoever they get money.

But if the native is developed, they will use the resources of others wisely, such as advising others how to develop their talents which is very easy for these natives to see, and they will gather information from different sources to create something very useful to the world.

They have good research ability and a gift of uncovering that which is hidden. Actually, without even trying, they may find out the secrets of others because, with time, secrets are revealed to them. They can make an intention to know someone’s secrets, and if it concerns the well-being of these natives, the secrets will be made known to them.

These natives are zealous about what they believe in, therefore they can inspire others to get involved in what they are interested in. They can be good leaders if they are developed. Otherwise, they can be dangerous leaders, as some people will still follow them because of their magnetism and intensity, but to their loss.

Often, these people need much time alone to recover. They are naturally competitive, so they function better on their own, unless there are strong cooperation indicators in the birth chart. These natives are deeply resourceful, and they find out the depth of their knowledge and abilities when they face something traumatic or very troublesome. They function well in situations that are extreme, where other people would give up or try to escape.

These people, if undeveloped, can be dangerous, jealous and revengeful. They may have many secrets. However, if they are developed, they can become charismatic leaders which will always be secretive, mysterious, and hard to see through. They like to sit back and observe, to learn from people and situations as much as possible, and then to use them to their advantage. Because of these features, they may be excellent listeners.

These people have to go through some traumatic experiences in their lives, such as the mentioned near-death experience, or sexual abuse. But they have enough resources to survive, and they can learn from these experiences to become wiser and stronger.

They learn their best and develop their resources through challenging events, so they may experience sudden changes, threats to their lives, death of loved ones and financial misfortunes where they as though die many times in their lives, to be transformed into something new.

It’s best not to make these people into your enemies, as they find it difficult to forgive, and they will wait for the perfect opportunity to strike back. And even if they forgive you, they may only say so. Once you abuse their trust, they will always be cautious when dealing with you, and may view you as a potential threat or enemy.

Sometimes these natives take revenge cruelly and then regret. This is because of their deep, passionate natures. They are not halfway people, so when they do something, it’s with all the intensity, and this applies to striking back too.

These people are naturally good at the occult, and may posses psychic abilities, especially that of hypnotism. They do well in astrology, too. They often feel like they are on this earth for some important purpose.