When the ruler of the fifth house is in the sixth house, this means that your children may be service-focused, interested in helping the world. They are likely to select a useful work.

Your children may have set healthy routines, and may pay great attention to the food that they eat as well as their health status. However, they will likely work for other people rather than themselves. They may be interested in the medical sector too.

If the condition of the ruler is afflicted, this can mean that your children can suffer from chronic health problems. The affliction might also mean that they will work as servants, housekeepers, or in some other useful but low-paid occupation.

The ruler of the fifth house in the sixth house can mean that your hobby is going to be useful to the world; it may suggest that you like following and perfecting daily routines and focusing on your health. You may be interested in different body exercise options, and also you may pay great attention to the food that you eat.

But if this combination is afflicted, though you may be interested in useful routines and a healthy body, what you start doesn’t last long, and then you come up with a new set of routines or healthy options for your body.

This placement shows that you are likely to take an interest in the health or medical field.

If the ruler of the fifth house in the sixth house is afflicted, it can suggest that frequently indulging in sense-pleasures can lead to sickness. For example, if your favorite thing to do is to eat lots of sweets, in the end this can start damaging your body to the degree that the poor health condition is going to be hard to correct.

However, if this placement is not afflicted, it can mean that engaging in some enjoyable hobby regularly can be of great service to the world.

For example, maybe your hobby is to paint, and your paintings are exquisite; so looking at them takes people away from their daily problems and gives them the feeling of happiness.