When the ruler of the eleventh house is in the second house, this means that your friends may financially help you, or will help you in a way that will cause the increase of your finances.

You can accumulate money through social involvements, joining and organizing groups, communicating with large numbers of people, and being involved in humanitarian pursuits.

This placement reveals that you may have excellent social skills and a natural ability to deal with groups and large numbers of people. You may find that focusing on developing such skills will be financially rewarding, too.

The ruler of the eleventh house in the second house may suggest that many of your friends are wealthy and/or highly skilled in their occupations. You may be more attracted to the people who stand higher in life in these ways.

However, if this combination is afflicted, it can mean monetary loss because of friends, or losing your precious items because of them. It can even show that some of your friends may be thieves.

If this astrological configuration is afflicted, the involvement in the mentioned social activities would bring loss rather than gain. And in such a situation, it’s best to look at the least afflicted benefic and try to make money in the ways shown by it.

The ruler of the eleventh house in the second house also may show that you have major goals relating to income or the acquisition of material goods. It also shows that you are generous with your friends, and that you can buy expensive gifts for them or spend money on their entertainment. There will be some kind of monetary or goods exchange when it comes to your friendships.

You are likely to be hopeful about your financial situation, always planning and setting goals to earn more. The same can apply to your skills – you may set goals to improve your skills, and be inspired by what your life can look like if you perform better at work.

If this combination is afflicted, it could mean that though you set financial or skills goals for yourself, it’s hard to achieve that. If unafflicted Saturn is involved in this combination, it can show setting small or realistic financial or skill-improvement goals, which you slowly but surely work to achieve.

Finally, this placement can reveal that you have a compassionate nature and that you may donate your goods or money to charitable insituations and help poor or distressed individuals with your material goods, money, or skills.

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