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This simulation indeed happened, and behold, on the 21st of December, 2019, Wuhan reported the first instance of C o r o … Virus.

What is worrying is that in June 2021, an annual online event took place called Cyber Polygon which simulated a global chain supply attack. It is very wise to prepare for it, for these insane people are really going to attempt this.

They “predicted” that there will be internet and power outage, leading to a total breakdown of the global chain supply, which means ATMs will not work, and there will be food shortages as stores won’t be able to get food supplies.

A long-term power outage event is also planned by them. It is wise to prepare for that too. It can last for weeks or even months.

The reason they want to orchestrate this event is that by creating this problem, they will present you with their planned solution of tightening online security. What is likely to happen is that after these outages they will introduce a digital passport for the internet. I don’t know how it will work, but it could be that to access major sites you will need your fingerprint data, an iris scan, or a digital passport. I hope that they are not planning to restrict the whole internet but this can be a possibility.

A little bit more on 5G which ties in with their total control. The frequency of this wireless internet is the one that absorbs oxygen. Joe Imbriano, B.S. Chemistry- University of California Irvine, B.S. Biological Science – University of California Irvine, predicted in 2018 that 5G will be used as a weapon.

It will be used to cause an X-disease, as Joe said, which will deprive people of oxygen, and for which va xx will be invented for total control. I can’t believe censorship left his video. He starts talking bout 5G from around 4 minutes in the video linked above.

He says that the 5G wi-fi routers will start affecting your oxygen molecules’ ability to bind to the hemoglobin in the blood. This will prevent the transportation of oxygen to your tissues.

It will prevent the ability of your body to produce vitamin D too. You won’t die immediately from it, but gradually it will start causing all sorts of weird health problems. In 2018, he said he knew this because there were two locations in the US where this was rolled out in schools, and it produced paralysis, arrhythmia, neurological problems, extremity problems, people passing out, etc.

He said he could guarantee that when they roll this out, they’re going to turn it on in such a way that it would seem like polio came back. He said: “And you know what they have ready for it? A v ac cine. They’re going to introduce the microwave frequency and people will think it’s a new strain of polio or some sort of neural invasive, or some sort of paralytic disease that they’re gonna blame on some newly discovered strain of something and they’re gonna have a shot ready for you.”

He said this in 2018. It’s recorded. He talks about it in this video too on Bitchute.

The reason I mention 5G is that these insane people aim for total control. 5G internet is a military tracking means which can show 3D images of anything it’s beaming through, even what you’re carrying in your pockets. With the digital internet pass, you won’t be able to have any privacy online either, where every step you take will be tracked. The next step is probably running everything only on electricity, and the merging of the human mind with that of the AI.

Now what to do about all this. You should never get the 5G-enabled wifi router in your home. You should ideally move far from any 5G towers and have many trees planted around your house. If you have to stay in the city, you will need to block your windows so that this frequency doesn’t beam you. You will ideally protest against these towers or transmitting devices being placed anywhere close to where you live.

You should eat iron-rich foods too, according to Joe Imbriano, and maybe take iron supplements as well. He recommends getting enough sunlight each day. He recommends not using any kind of wi-fi whatsoever as it messes with your reproductive system and more. He says that the end goal is to make people sterile, where they can only get pregnant by getting expensive in vitro fertilization only available for the rich.

He says that children by no means should be allowed to use any wi-fi gadgets which they keep close to their reproductive organs. Also, girls should never keep those devices close to their breasts as they cause breast cancers.

When it comes to the internet block, it is wise now to start selecting alternative service providers that are small and independent. All the major companies such as Google, FB, YT, PayPal, all major banking websites will likely to require a digital passport of some sort to be accessed.

Some of the participants of Cyber Polygon 2021 were these, which should give a good idea who would require such a digital authentification:

Red Cross








Bank of Russia

Astronauts, law enforcement and telecommunication agencies, government officials, and the heads of many other global companies took part. There were 200 of the representatives of such bodies. If you have more information who took part, please leave a comment with a list.

So it’s wise to have alternatives in place. I already created an alternative email to that of Gmail and connected it to my website, in case I’m unable to access the Gmail account.

If you store crypto online, it is also wise to take it offline which is called keeping crypto in cold storage.