Before the deliberate destruction of a larger family structure and the community, humans had their moral compasses adjusted by such persons. That’s how humanity remained quite morally intact throughout all these centuries.

Yes, there were criminal tendencies, and debased actions did take place, but nothing to the extent of today’s insanity.

That’s because, after the destruction of community (now, family is suffering the same fate too), there were fewer people left to tell us if we take the wrong step. Our community and family are gradually being replaced with the reliance on the government. Even our parents often don’t have good advice to give anymore, because they are already the victims of the mind-programming done through the media.

If the government had our best interests in mind, the situation wouldn’t be as catastrophic. But it follows a demonic agenda that is very anti-human. So when neighbors don’t care about one another, when nobody even on social media can point out when we take the wrong road, and when we have the elite, through the media, encouraging us to take wrong actions, it’s so easy for some individuals to go down really dark paths.

I encourage people to really ponder on this statement of being okay with someone’s insanity or wrong actions, as long as they are not actually physically hurting someone. They may actually be very close to hurting someone or themselves, and we can prevent this through our care and concern.

It’s partly because of neighbors holding such “modern” views that many horrible abuses take place in homes, such as what happened with the Turpin family. If at least one neighbor would have expressed some concern, those children might have been freed so much earlier, and would not end up being broken individuals with numerous traumas.

Once you start making real spiritual progress, the moral compass is found in your heart, and you don’t need to be directed by the community or family. But this is not the case with the vast majority of humans, who absolutely need this guidance, as many look like lunatics today, because of their reliance on the wrong source of guidance, which is the media.

Let’s not imagine that the actions of others don’t influence us as long as others don’t hurt us. We as humans are connected, so when one part of the humanity body is sick, the whole body can’t be well. Let’s care for one another and not fall for the artificial statements promoted with a hidden agenda.

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