We are the awareness currently identified with bodies. I believe that each life story has already been written, and that the bodies naturally follow the script.

Through the lack of awareness, we mistakenly think that we are the doers, when it’s only the body doing what it’s destined to.

Should we relax into the story, we could really start enjoying it. Each individual life has something so beautiful, yet it’s hard to see this when we are identified with our bodies and minds, and the dissatisfied ego runs the show.

Our minds create personal miseries. We have overdeveloped our minds, to the degree that they control us. They should only be the tools to use. Yet now they work always, and the bodies do their bidding.

Sometimes people aren’t even aware of the degree of the mind’s power over their bodies and emotions. The reason people get unexplainably sad is very likely due to undetected negative thoughts. The reptilian mind focused on scarcity creates imaginary fears and problems, and people not realizing its insane nature think those fears and problems to be real.

In truth, most humans could easily make their lives trouble-free, if the mind is put in its rightful place and healed. People would then become simple, happy, only needing some things for bodily comfort. All the desires for luxury and delicacies come from the ego that wants special things to make itself exclusive. And once the ego gets them, soon it wants other special things, for it never can be satisfied.

Yet the small pleasures of life are truly fulfilling, once the awakening happens. Seeing a beautiful sky, walking in nature, having a comfortable dwelling, is all a body needs.

Egoic needs not only fail to satisfy, but they get us in trouble. For example, because the ego saw farming as low-class, it pushed people to leave their comfortable villages and gather into soulless cities. This has enslaved us – there are big burdens now to carry, such as taxes and bills.

Hunting and picking one’s veggies were replaced by mindless shopping in soulless supermarkets. In order to afford products, we are pushed to work in mindless jobs. People feel empty and unhappy but they don’t know why. They are living totally unnaturally, because of the ego’s exclusive wishes.

But we can put a stop to this insanity now. All we need to do is practice awareness. Through awareness will come detachment from the insane and fearful mind and the desires which enslave us.

We can be happy at this very moment, if we stop listening to the wild chatter of our minds. When we understand that freedom is more important than making others see how rich or special we are, we can detach from the system and live simply.

We can move to nature, with our own animals, vegetables, energy and water supply. We can work much less then, when our needs are no longer huge.

I did enjoy my stay in the Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania, because of the extraordinary buildings on every corner. Yet even this is outshined by the simplest creation in nature, such as a flower.

Living in the city came at a price. Though Senamiestis (the Old Town) is very beautiful, as a person who had my own business for around thirteen years, I can say with assurance that what the system offers is less than what it wants in return. Living in nature, to a large degree detached from the system, would give a larger return for sure.

Of course, life in the country is not all easy. But I hope that the work I put in now is going to pay back. It’s expensive to dig a well or eventually to install an independent power source. It takes work to make raised veggie beds. It’s very hard to build a house and get the whole land tidy.

But most of these investments are one-off, and then, with some maintenance, the fruit of one’s labor can be enjoyed year after year. That’s very different from the monthly bills and rent or mortgage which you cannot avoid paying.

I sincerely hope the virus situation has awakened many to the valuelessness of the system. As I said, it’s the ego that wants exclusive and luxurious things available in cities. Humans can be very happy by only having their basic needs met.

Freedom is attainable even today. But the ego must die,for us to really enjoy the simple life.